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10 Best E.T. Sequel Names We Can Think Of

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It’s a shame that E.T. never saw any sequels—in movie or video game form. We here at Pop Rewind, in conjunction with Rediscover the 80s, like to ask “What if?” So without further adieu, here are five of the 10 Best E.T. Sequel Names We Could Think Of. Be sure to check out Rediscover the 80s for the other five E.T. Sequels!

E.T. 2: Electric Boogaloo

Watch as E.T. cuts a rug in this follow-up to the original film. Also, it should be a rule that every sequel title include the words “Electric Boogaloo” in it, because I will never fail to finish the phrase “Movie Title 2” with “Electric Boogaloo” and it would be nice if I were right more than just once.

E.T. 2: Journey to the Center of the Landfill

E.T. joins Brendan Fraser as they thwart dinosaurs, climb volcanoes, and dig deep in the desert to find the fabled Atari burial grounds.

E.T. 2: Phone Home Alone: Lost in Alamogordo, New Mexico

This heart-warming holiday tale features E.T. as he’s accidentally left alone over Christmas. E.T. wanders the big city and befriends a crazy pigeon lady who may not be so crazy after all.

E.T. 2: Return of the Reese’s

Return of the Reese’s is actually the third installment of the E.T. franchise. E.T. plays Gollum, a weird alien creature or something (not going to lie, I fell asleep in the theatre watching Lord of the Rings, so my knowledge of the series is limited) obsessed with obtaining more Reese’s Pieces or his “Preciousssss”.

E.T. 2: Billy Ellliotttt!

All E.T. wants to do is dance with Elliott so they can beeee gooooood, all the while dealing with the negative stereotypes of male ballet dancers.

And while these two aren’t direct sequels to the E.T. film, I thought I’d share a bit of E.T.-related trivia:

Mrs. Doubtfire

E.T. was originally cast as Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire, but Robin Williams is a powerful man and eventually took on the role.

Reese’s Pieces Presents: E.T.: The Product Placement

Can you imagine a world where Reese’s Pieces weren’t synonymous with E.T.? That almost happened when M&Ms were supposed to be the alien’s candy of choice. Luckily Mars Inc. was too uppity about E.T.’s appearance and said no, leaving Hershey to capitalize on the tie-in. And capitalize they did! Check out that product placement in the official movie poster! Although, if M&Ms were E.T.’s candy of choice, do you think we’d still have those poo brown M&Ms instead of the blue ones? The world may never know.

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