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6 Candies We Weren’t Ready to Say Goodbye to

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Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, kids saw a variety of candy and snacks—even more than we see today. Some of these treats are still available, while others were discontinued for good reason. Still, there’s that grey area of candy that we’d like to see back or maybe that we’d even eat a dusty box of purchased from eBay. Here are six of said candies.

6 – Hot and Cold Nerds

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Instead of the fruit-flavored candy pellets we all know and love today, in the 1980s Nerds had a special variety—a Hot and Cold flavor, if you will. The Hot side was cinnamon while the Cold side was wintergreen. Two of the best flavors, together at last! The best was eating the Hot side first and then eating the Cold side to “cool down” your mouth.

What happened to these tasty critters? I guess Nestle didn’t have enough room in their repertoire, what with such delicious and revolutionary flavors like orange and grape showing up.

5 – Dina-Sour Eggs

Yet another extinct candy. Aahaahahhaa. Oh.

If you like chipped teeth, have I got a candy for you! Dina-Sour Eggs were like egg-shaped gobstoppers/jawbreakers. No real innovation there. The magic was in the packaging—sleek, black, and oh yeah—full of dinosaurs! The packaging lent the candies an element of cool. What if inside one of these tasty candies there was a real dinosaur? Well, then we’d all be murderers.

4 – Punkys

Sweet tasty anarchy! Punkys candy was a sweet and tart candy, but the gritty extra sugar embedded into these oval discs is what set them apart from regular sweet tarts. Punkys were also apparently very hardcore into punk culture for no apparent reason. I imagine if anyone in the Sex Pistols had teeth strong enough to eat candy, they’d be all over these. By far, the best flavor was blue, but that’s usually true of any candy variety. Punkys were available well into the 1990s—I recall eating them in 1997, but that may have been some old stock… very, very old stock. The story goes that these candies were discontinued thanks to the decline of the punk movement’s influence. Let’s just be thankful we don’t have Hipsters, made of flax seed and organic soy. Yum.

3 – Lifesaver Holes

Factory leftovers, fresh-ish from Lifesavers!
Lifesavers made the most existential candy yet—Lifesaver holes, which are the holes cut out from the middle of the round, donut-shaped Lifesaver candies. Except that’s not how they’re processed. It was a great gimmick, and one that I wished stuck around. I’m more likely to eat the holes than deal with actual Lifesavers, now that my fingers are too large to use them as rings when dissolved just right

2 – Garbage Can-dy

I’ve heard of dumpster diving, but this is getting ridiculous!

Nothing says sanitary like eating candy out of a dumpster! Garbage Can-dy were essentially garbage-shaped sweet tarts (think bones, cans, etc.) served up in a plastic garbage can. A cute and disgusting gimmick that I definitely fell for. And I’m pretty sure you can still find these, depending on how unkempt your local convenience store is.

1 – Nik-L-Nips

Is it even safe to consume wax?

Despite how dirty the product name sounds now, the company did have good intentions: Nik (nickel) was the original cost of the candy and Nip was the preferred bottle-opening technique. Semantics aside, you probably ate wax on purpose under the assumption that it was candy. Whether it were those wax lips or the little wax bottles or vials filled with syrupy liquid, you ate wax. And someone made a lot of money from you eating wax.

Honourable Mention! – Astro-Pop

Astro Pops are a dangerously pointy lollipop candy boasting three layers of flavors and a tip so sharp you’re likely to stab your tongue. What’s with that present tense in the first sentence? Oh yeah, some random company brought the Astro-Pop back. And they’re making Astro-Pop soda. And they feature this totally radical old timey Astro-Pop commercial on their website:


Did we miss your favorite forgotten candy? Leave a comment below!

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  • Umm…. What about Wacky Wafers? Like Punkys. Also Cuckoos… Those neapolitan taffy strip things:)

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