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6 Catchy Board Game Jingles

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“I win!  Let’s play again!” and again and again and again…  Board game commercials have always gone over the top to make the games seem much more exciting than they actually were.  In the 1980s and 1990s, it was all about which game had the catchiest jingle.  Do you find yourself still whistling the Pizza Party jingle every time you pick up a pizza?  Perhaps you hum the Mr. Bucket theme every time, uh… you use buckets.

Well, anyway, here are six catchy board game jingles.

6 – Crocodile Dentist

Crocodile Dentist made flossing seem more entertaining.

The dentist in this commercial is a total quack.  He just starts yanking on teeth, left and right!  Every time I see the crocodile teeth get yanked in this video, it makes my own teeth hurt.  The travel version of this game was a lot scarier because you had to get closer to the beast’s mouth.  The game itself wasn’t particularly fun, but at least you only had to play it twice a year.

5 – Mr. Bucket

What would happen if you put raw meat in Mr. Bucket?

The Mr. Bucket theme is the worst kind of jingle: the kind that you sing out loud while grocery shopping before you realize what you’re doing.  People stare at you as you exit the store.  It’s also the worst kind of game in that it’s basically a game that could be named “Clean Up Your Room and I’ll Mess It Up Again!”

4 – Don’t Wake Daddy

Don’t wake daddy or he will ground you from playing this awful game.

I never really understood the premise of Don’t Wake Daddy.  Was he just a single dad trying to get some sleep?  Or were the kids trying to escape his evil presence?  Or is an alien about to pop out of his chest?  They try to throw you off from wanting answers by giving you a title that sounds deceptively straightforward.

3 – Splat!

“We love it!”  Lies.

This commercial has the forced perspective of fun all over it.  The game was not actually that entertaining, but the claymation and annoying song helped sell copies of Splat in Toys R Us stores across the country.  The premise was essentially Snakes & Ladders, Candy Land, or any other board game for ages four and up.  So, what made Splat different?  You smashed players instead of sending them back to start.

2 – Grape Escape

Take your anger out on fruit.

Many people confuse Grape Escape with Splat, especially since the commercials didn’t do a good job of making them look like different games.  Whereas Splat was reminiscent of Candy Land, Grape Escape was very similar to Mouse Trap.  Unfortunately, the main similarity to Mouse Trap was the complicated setup.  If you lost one piece, the game was garbage.  Hardly made torturing grapes seem worth it.

1 – Pizza Party

It looks like an authentic pizza parlor.

Whenever I pick up a pizza, I sing this song.  Something about this jingle is so infectious that it stuck with me decades later.  Pizza Party was actually a fun game, too.  The goal was to get a slice of pizza with all matching toppings.  I always thought the mushroom was a little too saucy, though, if you know what I mean.

Bonus Content!

Grape Escape was huge in Greece… apparently.


Did we miss some of your favorite catchy board game jingles?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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