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6 Juicy Celebrity Freakouts of the 1990s

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In a world of TMZ, we’re treated to celebrity gossip everywhere we turn. A lot of it is strange, but the 90s had their fair share of even more bizarre controversy. Eat your heart out, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, and Michael Richards—here are some of the most memorable celebrity freakouts of days gone by.

6 – Dennis Rodman

The blushing bride… or groom… or both?

Dennis Rodman made himself huge tabloid fodder in the 1990s with all of his stunts, which culminated in Dennis marrying himself. I’m not so sure on the legalities of the ceremony, but Dennis went all out, donning a blonde wig, full face of makeup, veil, and yes—a white wedding dress (who is he kidding!) Did I mention that he showed up in a horse-drawn carriage?

5 – Prince

Always the subtle one.

Triggered in a 1993 battle between Prince and his record company (Warner Bros.), Prince stuck it to the man and changed his name from Prince to the symbol of love. There were arguments over artistic and financial control and in true Prince over-the-top drama style, he appeared in public with “slave” written across his cheek. It’s understandable, Prince wanting to separate himself from Warner Bros. and the alleged trademark they took on the name, but going by some weird squiggly sign certainly didn’t help anyone think he was stable.

4 – Sinead O’Connor

Awkward silence is awkward.

Oh Sinead. On one hand, her intentions were good, fighting against and building awareness of the issue of child abuse. This is good. Ripping up a picture of the Pope on a live television show while saying “Fight the real enemy”? Well, let’s say she’s never been invited back to Saturday Night Live. In dress rehearsal, Sinead held up a photo of a refugee child, but then went for a little bait and switch for the live show. Sinead ripped up the photo in 1992, and more than 20 years later, this is probably what most people think of when they hear Sinead’s name. From what it common knowledge now, perhaps Sinead was just ahead of her time, but this isn’t the site to make those judgements.

3 – O.J. Simpson

I didn’t do it, man! …but if I did, here’s how it would have went down.

O.J. Simpson was a big deal, huge. And so was his murder trial. A former football star current actor, Simpson was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her pal Ronald Goldman. The trial lasted over nine months and was late night talk show fodder for a solid year. Astoundingly Simpson was found not guilty. Who knew, while checking out Simpson playing football or watching him in one of the Naked Gun movies, that he’d soon be up to this. For those TGIF watchers, you may remember “breaking news” of the Ford Bronco chase interrupting Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. The Juice finally did end up in jail—in 2008 he was found guilty of armed robbery, kidnapping, and a few other things and sentenced to somewhere between nine and 33 years. So, it sort of worked out in the end.

2 – Kirk Cameron

Shortly after Kirk Cameron found God, he appeared in this masterpiece for the 3DO, Sega Saturn, and possibly some other systems you don’t have.

Kirk Cameron seemed like a good kid, entertaining enough on Growing Pains, and all around a nice guy. That is, until he went batshit crazy. I won’t make this too opinionated, but please picture me face-palming through this whole paragraph. Prior to his devout evangelistic beliefs, Kirk Cameron was actually atheist. Then he turned 17, developed a relationship with God, and completely spun out of control from there. On the set of Growing Pains, Cameron demanded storylines be changed to remove anything too “adult”. As the years went on, Cameron kept spiraling, going on television with creationist beliefs, speaking against evolution and basic science. Worst of all, he starred in the Sega Saturn game The Horde.

1 – Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines

Wait, did Chris Gaines/Garth Brooks invent Blue Steel?!

Chris Gaines began his career in 1999 as a rock musician. That doesn’t sound too exciting until you find out that Chris Gaines is just Garth Brooks in a bad wig and eyeliner. Perhaps most interesting about the Chris Gaines debacle is that he and Garth, despite being the same person, have different birthdays. Garth was born February 7, 1962 and Chris was born August 10, 1967. Garth used this Chris persona to explore rock and roll music without upsetting his country fans, but all this did was prove that Garth is nuts. Garth released one album under the Chris Gaines name, which was mediocre at best. There were big plans for Chris to have his own movie, The Lamb, but thankfully that fell through. Garth even went so far as to host Saturday Night Live as himself, with musical performances as himself in eyeliner. Sorry Garth, I guess only Miley Cyrus can have the best of both worlds.

Honorable Mention: Hugh Grant

Charmingly befuddled!

The year 1995 wasn’t so great for Hugh Grant. Sure, he was getting lots of work and lots of pay and was shacked up with super hot Elizabeth Hurley, but in June of that year he was arrested for picking up a prostitute. I’m sure ol’ Hugh didn’t think things could get any worse for himself, but it did when we saw the prostitute in question. This all happened a mere two weeks before the debut of his first major studio film, Nine Months. All in all, Grant kept it together, didn’t make any excuses, and even apologized to the public on Leno. So, not a freakout by North American standards, but certainly a WTF moment in the life of Hugh Grant.

What notorious celebrity story is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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  • Ya gotta admit the Chris Gaines/ Garth Brooks gimmicky switch took some balls. They guy was on top of the world for so long and to disregard everything he achieved to try something different is gutsy. Props to him for that.
    On the other hand Sinead simply shot her career dead with her unforgettable statement on SNL. I think it was such a big deal that nothing else compares (see what I did there).

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