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6 Meddlesome Neighbors of TV Sitcoms

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There was a time where neighbors talked to each other regardless of whether or not they got along, instead of simply nodding at each other the rare instance either one of you actually goes outside. We’re travelling back to this simpler, although perhaps more annoying time, with these 6 Meddlesome Neighbors of TV Sitcoms

6 – Steve Urkle, Family Matters

Like all solid annoying characters, Steve Urkle was only meant to appear once on the show. Nine seasons, a talking doll, and a cereal deal later and Urkle ruled the roost, much to the chagrin of the Winslow family. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we, as a generation of pop culture consumers, allowed any of this to happen.

5 – Raquel Ochmonek, ALF

ALF did a great job coming up with a last name I wouldn’t believe anyone has. Raquel was always trying to spot ALF. One time she finally did and had quite the reaction to it. That’ll learn her.

4 – Charley Dietz, Empty Nest


Dr. Harry Weston already had his hands full with his two adult daughters moving back home, but now neighbor Charley, who works on a cruise ship, won’t stop walking in to grab food. Or make passes at the Weston girls. Quagmire on Family Guy reminds me of Charley. A lot. Charley had one of my favorite sitcom-type gags of all time, though. Everyone was getting into costumes for some reason and Charley was super excited about his. He shows up at the Weston household, disappointed and in a ridiculous-looking costume. “I thought it was a Guy Spy costume!” “It’s gypsy.”

3 – Harriet Brindle, Small Wonder


What can be said about Harrier Bridle that can’t be summed up with the above photo? Nothing.

2 – Harry and the Hendersons


Perhaps you’re not aware, but a few years after the Harry and the Hendersons movie came out, it was made into a TV show starring X-Men’s Senator Robert Kelly. Similar to ALF and Small Wonder, the show was based on hiding something (Harry) from the rest of society (nosey neighbors). The show went through a few different families next door, but most notable annoying was Darcy Payne who ployed to bag the Henderson boy for her very own.

1 – Kimmy Gibbler, Full House

I almost feel bad for Kimmy. The Tanners are pretty horrible to her. And I get the feeling they’re almost baiting her with leaving the door unlocked all the time. But, with her foot odor and constantly barging in, I wouldn’t want to live next to her, either.

Who would you want as your neighbor? Let us know!

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