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6 More Adult Contemporary Sitcom Themes

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Our 6 Adult Contemporary Sitcom Themes article was so popular, it has spawned a sequel.  Thanks to everyone who commented about a theme we may have missed!

In true sequel style, here are six more adult contemporary sitcom themes.


6 – Blossom

The song is titled “My Opinionation”, sung by blues legend Dr. John.

The Blossom theme is the kind of music I imagine my parents thought was cool in the 1970s.  In 1991, this genre of music was totally square.  Combine that with the odd low-budget visuals of the main star badly dancing in offbeat outfits and you have one snoozer of a song destined for afternoon FM radio.

5 – Punky Brewster

Every time I see this opening, I want avocados.

Despite the goofy nature of this sitcom, the opening theme appeals to the serious demographic.  “Every Time I Turn Around” is a theme I would associate more with a show like Moonlighting, not Punky Brewster.  Fun fact:  Did you know Punky Brewster was named after a real person?

4 – Webster

I want an animated GIF of that eyebrow wiggle.

The first time I saw Webster, I was expecting to see a show about a dictionary.  That wasn’t a bad joke, that was really what I expected.  If you ever wondered how the “Then Came You” chorus of the theme song related to the show, it was actually the original name for the series.  Retitling the show Webster was a last minute decision, apparently too late for a re-write of the theme song.

3 – Charles in Charge

“I want Charles in charge of me” is an interesting choice of words.

You will be happy to know the woman who sang the Charles in Charge theme has had a relatively successful career, with a dozen albums to her name.  So, what’s her name?  Shandi Sinnamon.  I think you will be surprised to know which part of her name isn’t on her birth certificate.

2 – Greatest American Hero

Aliens gave him a briefcase with that suit.

“Believe It or Not” may be the only theme song to debut in the Top 40 Billboard charts.  This inspirational number served as the theme for three seasons of the superhero comedy-drama The Greatest American Hero.  Even the success of the song could not guarantee this show a fourth season.

1 – Cheers

You want a theme where everybody knows your name.

Does that voice sound familiar?  It’s because Gary Portnoy also sang the Punky Brewster theme.  As sincere as this heartfelt ditty sounds, the extended version features some goofy lyrics.  Sometimes, there’s a reason people only know the short version of a song.

Honorable Mention – George’s Answering Machine

Because I knew you were going to look it up after hearing the Greatest American Hero theme.

Did we miss some of your favorite Adult Contemporary Sitcom Themes? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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