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6 Nickelodeon Catch Phrases You Still Use

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The year is now, the place is your day job, and you just uttered one of your regularly used catch phrases for the thousandth time.  You’ve been using this phrase so often for the last two decades that you don’t even realize it’s a reference to a Nickelodeon show from your past.  Sometimes, the phrase is actually relevant, but other times it makes no sense in the context of anything.

Here are six Nickelodeon catch phrases you still use.

6 – [blank] day is a very dangerous day

Why is Rocko always fighting appliances?

It doesn’t really matter what chore it is, as you could be ironing your socks or cleaning the garage when you hurt yourself mildly.  After taking a breather and assessing the situation, between the swearing, you mutter under your breath that “[insert chore here] day is a very dangerous day”.  Thanks for that one, Rocko.

5 – I Heeeeaaaard That

Who do you think is in the burgers?

Remember Nickelodeon’s obsession with green slime?  Well, it all started on a show called You Can’t Do That on Television.  It was one of my personal favorites growing up, but it seems the show has fallen into obscurity outside of Alanis Morissette trivia questions.  Even though you only vaguely remember the show now that I mention it, you realize you still say “I heeeeaaaard that” with a strange inflection every time you overhear someone speaking ill of you.

4 – No Mister, Accent on the “Do”

Why didn’t anyone ever report this magic shop to the Better Business Bureau?

It’s a Friday, you have a coupon for your sandwich, and the clerk at Schlotzky’s asks what bread you would like.  Of course, you tell them sourdough because it’s the best bread they have.  Immediately after placing your order, a little voice whispers in the back of your mind, “No mister, accent on the ‘do’”.  The clerk flashes you a puzzled look after you merrily let out a “tee hee!”

3 – Next time, Gadget


You are proud of yourself for accomplishing one of the most boring adult tasks of all time: late night grocery shopping.  As you pull the cans and boxes from your cart and toss them on a dirty conveyor belt, you run through your mental shopping list one more time.  Soda, yep.  Cheese crackers, got ’em.  You exchange money, grab your bags, and head toward the vestibule.  An unspecified amount of time later, you pull in your driveway and that’s when it hits you.  Beans… nope.  Don’t worry, you’ll get them next time, Gadget… next time!!!

2 – Simmer Down

They brought the Stick back.

After your grocery store trip puts you in a fit of rage, you chant the mantra that helped you make it through high school, your first day of work, two failed marriages, and an anger-management support group: simmer down.  It must be comforting to know that a Popsicle stick offered the best advice of your life.

1 – Strongest man… in the world!

If only I could motivate myself to exercise like this on a daily basis.

Admit it, each time you take out the trash you feel like a superhero.  Not only did you magically create clean in your kitchen, but you were also able to lift some really heavy garbage!  Go ahead and continue proclaiming “Strongest man… in the world!” when you lift anything in the air.  No, really, it’s okay to compare yourself to Artie, Little Pete’s personal super hero… twenty years later.

Honorable Mention – Skeeter’s Honk

Why did he do this?

You know you have that one friend who still honks at the end of each sentence.

Did we miss some of your favorite Nickelodeon catch phrases?  Tell us about it in the comments below!


  • Simmer down, oh yeah still used all the time!

  • I still say “Physical Challenge” whenever I don’t know the answer to a tough trivia question.

  • The few I think of and always come to mind for me:
    “LET’S GO TO MO!”
    “The choice is yours, and yours alone!”
    “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society..”
    “Pick the right door, and you’ll go free. Pick the WRONG door, and there HE’LL be!”
    “Vink. With a VA-VA-VA.”
    “YOU EEDIOT!!!”
    “I’m gonna hit ya… and yerrrr gonna faaaaaall..!”

  • All these GUTS quotes you guys have listed are incredible. A few years ago I became friends with girl, Maurine, who went by “Mo.” The catch phrases wouldn’t stop spewing from my mouth. Best day of my life? Maybe…

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