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6 Retired McDonald’s Mascots We Sorta Miss

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McDonald’s has had an endless supply of mascots and bit characters over the years and it’s kind of strange that they’re clinging so tenaciously to old Ronald considering their back catalog. Here are a few of the more bizarre mascots ever to grace the face of the golden arches.

6 – CosMc

Alien mascots? No, we’re not running out of ideas…

It’s apparent that McDonald’s had two options for mascots—animated food objects or aliens. CosMc was of the alien variety, but came from some planet where everyone spoke like stereotypical surfers in the mid 80s. The story goes that CosMc was chillin’ with Ronald and his crew and traded some alien artifacts for McDonald’s food while they picnicked. Once CosMc returned to his home planet, he spread the good news about soggy hamburgers and flavorless chicken nuggets. Beyond the commercials he was in, CosMc was also featured in the M.C. Kids video game, a platformer for the PC, Nintendo, and Game Boy that was released in 1992.

5 – Birdie the Early Bird

Incompetent pilots and Egg McMuffins? A match made in heaven.

Birdie is most notable for being the first female mascot for McDonald’s. Her task was promoting the breakfast menu, but she mostly wore pilot gear and crashed into things. I know that makes me feel safe.

4 – The McNugget Buddies

My babies!

I always thought there’d be some kind of awkwardness between Birdie and the rest of the McDonaldland characters over the McNugget Buddies. After all, her buddies were once just like her and now they’re morsels of breaded chicken, waiting to be dunked into sweet, sweet honey. Did she feel that her death was near whenever the other McDonaldland characters got the munchies?

3 – Iam Hungry

Why not go for the President of Snacking? Who’s going to call you out on that?

McDonald’s has a slew of old mascots that you probably grew up with, along with another metric slew that you didn’t even know existed. One such mascot came along in 1998 only to be phased out in 2001—Iam Hungry, the Vice President of Snacking. Iam was a computer animated fuzzy green head with arms that zipped through the air. Although 1998 doesn’t seem like that long ago, computer animation just wasn’t as… solid back then. It’s like they weren’t even trying at this point.

2 – Mac Tonight

Mac Tonight’s slightly Leno-esque characteristics are highly unsettling.

Mac Tonight was introduced in 1986 to promote McDonald’s late night hours. The restaurant always had a gimmick no matter what mundane aspect they were advertising, and longer hours was no different. Mac Tonight was a regular sized guy with a giant crescent moon for a face and I suppose he fell under the alien category of mascots for the chain. Mac played the piano and sang in a quasi-jazz setting to seduce adults into stuffing their gullets with Big Macs. Did it work? Well, he starred in 29 commercials over nine years, so it ain’t that bad.

1 – Bernice

Oh yeah, make the poor mascot suffering from pica into a monster!

An unlikely cross between an ant eater and a unicorn, Bernice is the first fast food mascot with pica—she had an uncontrollable appetite for the inedible, such as the script for a McDonald’s movie featured in the three part Ronald McDonald Makin’ Movies commercial from 1992. It’s nice to see the chain was concerned about these types of medical disorders even all the way back in the early 90s… although if you want to get technical about it, I guess any commercial featuring someone eating McDonald’s food could be considered a pica awareness videos (ba-dum-ching).

What were your favorite McDonald’s mascots of the past? Leave us a comment!


  • I think I miss the McNuggets and the Fry Guys (and Gals) the most.  Well, and anyone with a burger for a head.  Basically anyone that looked like the meal I was about to eat.  There was something special about those designs…

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