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6 Seinfeld Stars in Commercials

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It’s hard to believe the first episode of Seinfeld aired over twenty-five years ago, but it’s true! The series turned several actors into legends for their work on the show. With the show’s success, some of them picked up some side work on commercials.

Here are six Seinfeld stars in commercials.

6 – Wayne Knight for 1-800-Collect

It seems kind of quaint now that someone drove around town choosing which pay phone to use. Nowadays, if you’d be driving around to find the only pay phone in town… assuming you didn’t have your phone or see anyone else in the surrounding area.

5 – Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris for AT&T

Sometimes the Seinfeld actors were basically cast in the same character-types in ads. In this AT&T commercial, Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris practically reprise their roles as George Costanza’s parents.

4 – Jerry Seinfeld for American Express

Jerry Seinfeld became the commercial spokesperson for American Express. He even appeared alongside Superman in a few ads.

3 – Julia Louis Dreyfus for Clairol

Did you ever notice Elaine’s hair got more and more styled throughout the nine season run of Seinfeld? Don’t forget that she was in commercials for hair products along the way and probably picked up a styling tip or two.

2 – Michael Richards for Vodaphone

If you needed a little more Kramer in your life in the 1990s, all you needed to do was catch him in Vodafone commercials. Oh, and also, you had to be in Australia to see them.

1 – Jason Alexander for Rold Gold

To this day, I can’t eat pretzels without the urge to do a somersault. I think it has something to do with this commercial.


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