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6 Strange Episodes of Eerie, Indiana

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Eerie Indiana was always an intentionally strange show.  The two young heroes, Marshall Teller and Simon Holmes, investigate the weirdness of their neighborhood.  Mysteries ranged from cult clubs to werewolf attacks to Elvis sightings – and those were just the normal every day dilemmas.  Marshall and Simon encountered some pretty bizarre stuff.

Let’s take a look at six strange episodes of Eerie, Indiana.

6 – “No Brain, No Pain

Got The Knack?

In “No Brain, No Pain”, the boys encounter a homeless man who is playing victim to a crime.  After thwarting his attacker, they take the man home.  He keeps muttering something about an ex-girlfriend that the boys don’t understand.  By the episode’s end, it is discovered that the man is actually a scientific genius, but his brain was accidentally switched with the audio of an 8-track tape (8-track tapes are how old people used to listen to music).  That ex-girlfriend who won’t give him some time?  “My Sharona”.

5 – “Tornado Days”

C-c-c-c-c-cameos are are are grea-grea-grea-good.

File this Eerie case in the cult category.  The lads feel like the only sane people left in town, taking cover when a tornado approaches, while all of their neighbors are hosting a picnic in honor of the storm’s arrival.  For a further twist, guest star Matt Frewer (a.k.a. Max Headroom) prepares to take on the tornado man-to-uh… wind gust.

4 – “Just Say No Fun”

“Come with me if you want to live.”

If you’ve ever had an eye exam, you are fully aware of how creepy the process is.  You are escorted to a small closet-sized room where the lights are always off.  You place your entire face into a Total Recall-like contraption while you read letters off a projected wall.  A close, yet distant, voice repeatedly asks you, “View A?  View B?”  Unfortunately, Simon Holmes wasn’t aware there was more to this whole eye exam process.  When the nurse does a vision check, she removes any sense of fun for her patients.  The only thing that can stop her are these powerful words: wop-bop-a-loo-bop.

3 – “The Lost Hour”

Marshall has disrupted the space-time continuum.  Seriously.

There are two things that scared twelve-year-olds in the early 90s: daylight savings time and ending up as the kid on a milk carton.  Leave it to Indiana to ignore daylight savings time.  In a passive-aggressive move, a frustrated Marhsall Teller decides to change his clock anyway.  He ends up in a version of his neighborhood in which everyone is missing… except the one other person who ever tried this and ended up on a milk carton.  To further push this show’s milk agenda, a Doc Brown inspired old man in a milk truck helps the two escape back to their time.  Oh, did I mention a bunch of secret service garbage men are trying to throw them away?

2 – “Reality Takes A Holiday”

Fun fact: they borrowed a Back to the Future sound effect for this scene and got busted.

During this show’s run, other episodes couldn’t crank out enough “very special episodes” in which all character continuity was broken and general show rules were broken.  Eerie, Indiana, in a rather bold move, broke the fourth wall completely… well, almost.  As the Tucker family eats their breakfast, a director yells cut and everyone is suddenly revealed to be actors on a TV show titled Eerie Indiana.  Only two people stay in character: Marshall and his nemesis Dash X, who is begging for a script change which will write-off the Marshall character permanently.  This episode won my heart by featuring a DeLorean as a small plot device.  For all you Daily Show fans, both this episode and “The Lost Hour” were penned by Vance DeGeneres.

1 – “Foreverware

Foreverware won’t freezer burn your family.

Marshall is skeptical of his mother’s new kitchen container hobby.  She begins going to Foreverware parties in which people rave about how well it preserves everything.  Investigating further, Marshall discovers the Foreverware ringmaster has been preserving her children in giant containers every night at bed time for the past thirty years.  SHE PUT HER KIDS IN GIANT TUPPERWARE-style TUBS.  This was the first episode and definitely set the tone for the rest of the series.

Did we miss some of your favorite strange episodes of Eerie, Indiana?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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