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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Ghostbusters

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Ghostbusters is such a deep part of pop culture now, people have every line in the movies memorized and entire generation grew up on the toy line.  Still, there are a few things that slipped under the radar to fans.  Let’s take a look back at six things you didn’t know about Ghostbusters!


6 – Egon, Ray, and Peter weren’t the first Ghostbusters

The theme song is actually pretty catchy.

Several years before there was a hit movie called Ghostbusters, there was a low-budget live action TV series titled The Ghost Busters.  The two are completely unrelated, despite the coincidentally similar name.  The live-action show featured two bumbling dudes, Kong and Spencer, and their co-worker Tracy… who happened to be a gorilla.

5 – The story behind the “Real” Ghostbusters

This theme song is catchy, too.  Come to think of it, every Ghostbusters theme is.

After the movie was a hit, the company that was behind the old live action show decided to make their own cartoon.  They chose to call it Ghostbusters, so the “real” was added to the title of the version based on the movie to avoid confusion.  We, obviously, did not understand this as kids and were pretty confused as to why one Ghostbusters cartoon had a gorilla.

4 – Alternate takes in the first movie were filmed for TV

Did this confuse TV viewers?

Some of the classic lines in the first movie that were deemed too hot for network television in the 1980s were filmed with different dialogue.  Remember the famous truth that Peter reveals in the mayor’s office?  The effect wasn’t quite the same when the line was changed to something about Wally Wick.

3 – There is a Ghostbusters RPG


Saturday nights in the 1980s included a group of friends, this game, and New Coke.

Think Dungeons & Dragons, but starring your favorite ghost catching heroes.  The game was pretty well received and accessory books.  It was also supposedly the first RPG that made use of the dice pool mechanic.

2 – In a deleted scene, Ray was possessed earlier in Ghostbusters II


The deleted scene showed up in a Real Ghostbusters comic book.

If you’ve seen the movie a hundred times, you know by heart the scene in which Ray is possessed by Vigo the Carpathian at the end of the movie.  Did you know he was originally supposed to be possessed earlier?  When the Ghostbusters first visit the art museum, Ray gets into a trance staring at the painting.  The scene that was to follow showed a possessed Ray drive off in the Ecto mobile and straight into a tree.  A piece of this scene made the final movie in the montage, when Peter reacts to Ray’s erratic driving.

1 – Wayne Brady was a Ghostbuster


The Ghostbusters attraction in its prime.

It’s true!  Wayne Brady worked, at one point, as one of the actors that paraded around Universal Studios theme park in the early 1990s.  Curious if he was one of the Ghostbusters I met, I dug out my old photo album.  Unfortunately, the four lads were played by people who were not Wayne Brady.  Who knows, maybe you met the man himself when you were seven!

Did you learn something today? Can you teach us something? Let us know in the comments!

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