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6 Weird Game Concepts

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A Google search for “video game” returns 263 million results. Inevitably, of the many games out there, some are bound to be a little strange. The criteria for making this list required the games be weird and nightmare-inducing. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn most of these games were inspired by a bad dream since playing them certainly feels like one.

From hygiene hijinks to spooky scares, join us as we bring to you six weird game concepts.

6 – Plaque Attack (Atari 2600)

Make sure to floss away the hot dogs between your teeth.

You know they’re there: tiny microscopic bits of bacteria crawling over your gums and through your teeth. Now, combine that dread with the game play of Space Invaders and you have Plaque Attack for the Atari 2600. Your enemies: tiny hamburgers, cherries, and candy canes. Your defense: a tube of toothpaste. Will you be able to successfully defeat the sweets or will your teeth rot and fade away?

5 – Haunting Starring Polterguy (Genesis)

Rolling Stones or Rocky Horror lips?

Meet Polterguy, a loveable green ghoul who has but one goal: to scare the pants off the Sardini family. As family members wander around the house, the player must send Polterguy jumping into furniture, paintings, and food. When a Sardini walks past a ninja poster, for example, their head will be sliced off and fall to the floor. Do this several more times to each person to get them running out of the house. The gimmicks are very entertaining, but will also leave players with a feeling of dread. Is Polterguy hiding in your lamp?

4 – Seaman (Dreamcast)

Seaman: The game where you can tell it how uncomfortable it makes you.

In 2000, Sega took the digital pet genre to a whole new level of creepy by adding a human face to a fish. Not only are players expected to take care of the creature, they must talk to it through a microphone peripheral. Even weirder, it talks back. Weirder still, the narrator is Leonard Nimoy. It’s unsettling to think this game is a prize in a Trekkie’s collection.

3 – Monster Party (NES)

Should have ordered the popcorn shrimp…

Walking home from baseball practice, Mark is greeted by a strange birdlike creature from the underworld named Bert. The two journey through a bloody graveyard, a sewer, and Egypt. Along the way, Mark must fight for his life against a wishing well, a transmogrifying onion ring, and a pair of pants. The game ends with the hero’s body exploding in mid-air. It’s funny and horrifying at the same time.

2 – Decap Attack (Genesis)

A yellow monkey on the cover is the sure sign some executive insisted on offering input.

In the form of a headless mummy named Chuck D. Head, players work their way through haunted levels to face off against Max D. Cap. Take away the headless themes and what we have here feels like leftover levels from an Alex Kidd game.

1 – Kolibri (32X)

Kolibri is better than at least 33 other games for the 32X.

This game offers players a unique opportunity to play as a hummingbird. What makes Kolibri stand out from other bird platformers is that the main character shoots lasers from its eyes. As difficult as it is to wrap your head around that, it’s even harder to believe that this is probably the best game (of 34) for the Sega 32X. The graphics are surprisingly good and the music has a Mega Man style flair to it. Just be careful the next time you’re at a park; you never know when that bird next to you is going to open fire!

Honorable Mention: Ninjabread Man

Subtitle: Shovelware’s Revenge!

It’s a cookie cutout gone wrong! Somehow a gingerbread cookie obtains a sword and sets out to take his revenge. Unfortunately, the awesome concept is where the awesomeness of Ninjabread Man ends. The game received negative reviews across the board for being glitchy, broken, and the opposite of fun. It was later blatantly recycled into Anubis II for Wii, even using the same music.

Did we miss some of your favorite weird games? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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