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7 Additional Sonic Mysteries

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If you thought part one and part two of the Sonic Mysteries series was going too far (I’m looking at you, Sonic Stadium message board users who always hate my Sonic articles because let’s be honest, I’m kind of a bitch about Sonic games, but full disclosure—I love that little ball o’ blue), then you’ll probably be right pissed that we have a part three. Here are 7 Additional Sonic Mysteries. Get your angry Tweets ready!

7 – Mystery: I bought a plug ‘n play game that includes some Sonic game I’ve never heard of called Sonic Blast. Thankfully it wasn’t Sonic 3D Blast, but still, wtf?


I can’t wait to play this totally non-bootleg vidja game!

Solved!: Sonic Blast is different from Sonic 3D Blast. You already know about the latter abomination, so I’ll spare you. Sonic Blast was a 1996 Game Gear game that was released with little fanfare because it was 1996 and everyone had moved on from the Game Gear years prior. Interestingly, the game was released on the Master System in Brazil in 1997. Why? Who knows. You likely missed out on this game the first time around, but it started popping up on random plug ‘n play-type consoles in the mid 2000s. So if you have an aunt who knows nothing about you, you likely received said plug ‘n play from her for Christmas one year. Happy holidays.

6 – Mystery: Was Sonic 3D Blast so terrible that Jack in the Box was giving it away in kids’ meals?



Solved!: Untrue! Jack in the Box was charging $1.99 for the game when you bought a kids’ meal, or straight up $5.99, proving once and for all that Sonic 3D Blast is just terrible.

5 – Mystery: If there’s a Sonic Drift 2 released in North America and Europe, what happened to Sonic Drift 1?


Solved!: Sonic Drift 1 was a Japan-only release. I’m not sure why we’d consider this a mystery. North American video gamers should be used to this. Where’s the original Mario 2? Where are half of the original Final Fantasy games? In Japan, that’s where. Why Sega kept the name Sonic Drift 2 on the title screen, however, does remain a mystery.

4 – Mystery: Does Knuckles have an evil twin in Knuckles’ Chaotix?


I miss my good twin.

Solved!: Don’t we all? In true Wario fashion, Knuckles has an evil twin called Wechnia, I guess instead in Echidna. I see what you did there, Sega. It allegedly stands for White Enchidna, and Sega likely didn’t name it, but let me have this. Wechnia is simply a recolor of Knuckles, a sort of albino with silver fur and red eyes. Wechnia is also the leftover code that composed Tails’ back in his Sonic Crackers days. Wechnia is playable and you can use him as a partner with a code. I’ll let you do the Googling.

3 – Mystery: Is that Robotnik’s real moustache?

Hey… you gonna keep that mustache?

Solved!: That, dear readers, is a fake mustache. It pains me to have to reveal this to you, but we have it on good authority, Omochao from Sonic Adventure 2, who says, “Did you know the Doctor’s mustache is fake” in an unused English voice clip. Omochao knows all, and this tidbit would explain how that mustache seemingly defies gravity.

2 – Mystery: Is Knuckles just a giant billboard for Nike?



Solved!: Originally, yes. Currently? Well, kind of still, yeah. Sega was a big player back in the day, but perhaps they are king of failed endorsement deals. That thing with Michael Jackson fell through, but that thing with Right Said Fred didn’t. And now we find out that a deal with Nike fell though as well. The white smudge on Knuckles’ chest was originally a Nike swoosh.

1 – Mystery: Is Sonic CD implying that Sonic is the devil?


Hail Sonic!

Solved!: Yes. Although it’s purported to be merely a joke on the North American and European Sonic players, the Japanese team left a sinister little Easter Egg behind. After a code in the sound test screen is entered, a strange human Sonic (or a Sonic-Mario hybrid) is repeated in the background with Japanese text that translates to “Fun is infinite with Sega Enterprises” and is signed by the devil.

What Sonic Mysteries have you encountered? Are we too hard on Sonic? Leave us a comment below!

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