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7 Amazing Faces of Fred Schneider

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In watching music videos from the B-52s, I noticed hitting pause always landed on an interesting screenshot. Some member of the band had a wacky haircut, was making funny faces, had ridiculous surroundings, or all of the above.

I want you to know that I originally titled this list “7 Random B-52s Screenshots”. As I kept pulling images, it became harder and harder to not land on an amazing facial expression by Fred Schneider. My goal was legitimately to feature every band member, but as I muttered “I’m not going to let Fred Schneider take over this list”, I realized I had just saved my seventh image of him.

So, here are seven amazing faces of Fred Schneider (and not the rest of the B-52s).

7 – Roam


Every time the power goes out, I immediately worry that the floating head of Fred Schneider will suddenly appear.  John Linnell of They Might Be Giants made a similar on-screen appearance in the music video for “Birdhouse In Your Soul”. Although, his facial expression disappears from your mind after you’re done watching the video. Fred Schneider’s face from “Roam” will pop up in the mirror behind you while you’re brushing your teeth.

6 – Song For A Future Generation

“Whoops, put on the wrong rock legend costume today!”

Is that Buddy Holly, the crushing your head guy from Kids in the Hall, or a guy that likes collecting records and exploring the caves of the unknown? If you chose Buddy Holly, you were way off.

5 – Is That You, Mo-Dean?

I feel like this local commercial looking video wants me to buy something.

Trust me, this image doesn’t make much more sense in context of the video. Throughout the song, Fred fades in to random locations to whisper secrets in his classic sprechgesang vocal styling. Other band members look (relatively) normal in this video.

4 – Legal Tender

Fred does his best Bill Nye face.  He nailed it.

There he goes again, that Fred Schneider! This time it’s Fred vs. Monopoly money. Who will win in an epic battle of wits over wealth? Fred Schneider. That’s who wins. Every time.

3 – Good Stuff

This music video is easily better than the feature film Kazaam.

I feel like the character Fred Schneider portrays in the “Good Stuff” video could easily be a cereal box mascot. Let’s re-imagine this image a bit and see if you agree with me:

Comes with a free bib inside each box!

2 – Love Shack


We’re hitting the home stretch, with the #2 amazing face of Mr. Schneider. Since this is the song you’ve heard at every party you’ve been to since 1989, you now have a special image of Fred to associate with it. So, next time you’re having a good time at your cousin’s wedding, just remember that Fred Schneider is watching you while you dance to “Love Shack”.

1 – Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland

And here’s his best Bela Lugosi eyes.

And the award for most memorable Fred Schneider appearance in a B-52s music video goes to: Fred Schneider in “Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland”. Going back to the cereal thing, I guess it would be interesting to see if Fred Schneider could pick up the role of Franken Berry in the upcoming live action movie.

Honorable Mentions – Other B-52s Members

Just to prove I wasn’t pulling your chain about my original intent, here are two screen shots featuring other B-52s members.

“Song For A Future Generation”

“Legal Tender”

Did we miss some of your favorite faces of Fred Schneider?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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