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7 Amazing Nickelodeon Game Shows

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Brace yourself for flashbacks of winning prizes such as backpacks, chocolate milk, and Geoffrey dollars as we look back at seven amazing Nickelodeon game shows.

7 – Guts

Fun fact: Aggro Crag means “aggressively daring rock”.

I’ll be honest with you; this one almost didn’t make the list. It’s not that Guts was a bad show, but let’s face it: if you are reading this site, you probably weren’t an athletic kid. I know I wasn’t, so this show never had much appeal to me. The only reason to tune in was to see if someone would be holding a glowing piece of the Aggro Crag after the final round. If only I had been more into sports, I might have my very own rock trophy. Luckily, now, I can buy a replica online and tell people I was on the show.

6 – Finders Keepers

This is what happened when Nickelodeon was bribed by the Disgruntled Parents Association to encourage kids to clean their rooms.

Finders Keepers seems forgotten by time. Whenever conversation strikes about Nickelodeon game shows, no one remembers this one. The premise was somewhere between Double Dare and Legends of the Hidden Temple. Contestants would walk through a house maze with the host as he gave them clues for objects to find. Usually, the clues were some really trite pun that no sane person would have figured out.

5 – Wild and Crazy Kids

Good luck getting that tuneless song out of your head!

I flinch every time I open a can of Pepsi and I attribute that to Wild and Crazy Kids. How could you not like a game show in which cans of soda were shaken and then stabbed with a pencil? This should was everything you liked about kindergarten without PTA safety committees in the way.

4 – Figure It Out

The host, Summer Sanders, was an Olympic gold medalist. Perhaps she should have hosted Guts.

Figure It Out was our generation’s Match Game. Each episode, a contestant with a secret would come on the show and, through clues, a group of celebrity panelists had to guess the secret. The panelists were generally members of other Nickelodeon shows, such as Lori Beth Denberg and Danny Tamberelli (aka Little Pete).

3 – Double Dare

Ever wondered who’d win in a battle between Weird Al and Lou Ferrigno (aka The Hulk)?  The answer may surprise you.

Marc Summers is without a doubt the king of Nickelodeon game show hosting. His upbeat attitude, slick hair style, and business attire kept things real on the sets at Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This is the show that made it okay to get a little messy, as contestants challenged their way through slime covered obstacles. There were six incarnations of Double Dare, plus a pilot episode for Celebrity Double Dare. Can you name the six?

2 – Nick Arcade

Warning: this is the most painful minute you will ever witness.

Move Mikey around the board and see where you land. Could you be in for an exciting video challenge or boring quiz? In the hype of the 16-bit era, this show hit home for most video game enthusiasts. It was a TV show that took players inside of an actual video game! Or, at least, threw them into a blue-screen chamber without any instructions. More often than not, contestants would win entry into the video game world only to be absolutely confused by how to progress in the game. The best moments on this show were when host Phil Moore would invent lyrics to the game show’s theme. Obviously, he played a lot of Super Nintendo.

1 – Legends of the Hidden Temple

Wait, no… this is more painful.

Host Kirk Fogg always maintained a positive attitude even when the players were a total disaster.

This show was intense. Within two minutes, two teams were already eliminated from participation. A few moments later, and only two teams of the original six were still competing. Whoever could crawl through absolutely brutal physical challenges would earn a chance to spend up to three minutes in Olmec’s (the stone co-host) temple. Even then, the chances of winning were pretty slim. Prizes for putting yourself through torture included Nesquik, Nerds candy, backpacks, and tuna.  Tuna.  Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaa!!!!

Honorable Mention: What Would You Do?

You didn’t win a car, you didn’t win a toaster, you won a trip to the pie coaster!  Or pie pod.  Or pie wash.  Or pie cannon.  Somehow, you will be covered in pies.

Was there a way to win What Would You Do? I’d argue there wasn’t, considering nearly every contestant ended up covered in pies. One round involved gathering random audience members and sticking post cards to their head. In “Truth or Dare” fashion, each participant was given the option of doing whatever the card said or going for the known commodity of pie in the face. The card instructions usually involved dog food, worms, or gravy. This was not a show you could win.

Did we miss your favorite awesome Nickelodeon game show?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  • Aw man. I loved these shows so much!! In the early 2000’s, we used to have the channel Nick GaS(Games and Sports) and all they would play, 24/7, were these shows. I was in heaven, and the channel never changed on my bedroom TV. Now it’s gone, and my Tv schedule has never recovered.

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