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7 Atari Jaguar Games You Won’t Have to Suffer Through

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Atari had high hopes for the Jaguar system, and so did I—until I actually played one. The system and the ideas Atari put out had so much potential, but it seems like they always half-ass everything. Largely, the games on the Jaguar look like glorified 16 bit games, nowhere near where they were supposed to be at the 32/64 bit level. And do I even need to bring up Bubsy? Well, no, because that was released. We’ll save that for another article.

7 – Apeshit

Another example of the Jaguar’s superior graphics. Do the math!

Although the name Apeshit was only a working name, I think this unreleased game is worth noting if only for the title and for being the first commercial game (almost) released with a dirty word on the box. In any case, the game was in development from Ocean and was set to be a platformer (of course, what else?) Reports state that Apeshit was basically Mario meets Bomberman meets Pang.

6 – Atari Mascot Character Game

Looks kid friendly enough, let’s run with it!

Nintendo had Mario, Sega had Sonic, but what did Atari have? Not a mascot, that’s for sure. Some higher ups at Atari had the bright idea of forcing a mascot onto the name. Rumor has it that a lawyer alligator named Al E. Gator was in the running to be the mascot, but nothing ever came from it. Why not use a jaguar to promote your Jaguar, though?

5 – Hosenose and Booger

I smell copyright infringement!

If you thought Boogerman was gross, wait until you read about Hosenose and Booger. Keep in mind that Atari was also marketing to more of an adult audience with their games near the end, too. You’re inside Hosenose’s sinuses to rescue his girlfriend that he snorted up into his nose in a sneezing fit. Besides boogers, you’ll also get to deal with viruses, fluids, and other nastyness. I think I’ll stick to Pac-Man.

4 – Tiny Toons Adventures

“Atari go down the hole…”

Tiny Toons Adventures looks like it would have been a redeeming factor for the system. The characters have a 3D-ish look to them and the backgrounds are bright, textured, and clean. So, why wasn’t it released? Tiny Toons would have raised the bar for the system, and Atari can’t release such classics as White Men Can’t Jump with standards in place.

3 – Dactyl Joust

All the excitement of real joust, now in 1D!

Just what you’d expect—pterodactyls jousting. Except it’s more like origami swans jousting with the crisply flat graphics the Jaguar treats us to.

2 – Black ICE\White Noise

Ice, ice baby!

Ah yes, the Sonic X-Treme of the Atari Jaguar. Atari initially had big plans for Black ICE\White Noise. Programmed in-house by Atari, Black ICE\White Noise is a Jaguar CD cyberpunk game played in the third person. Quite a bit of footage was shot allowing the player to hijack cars, drive through the city, hack into computers, have conversations with other characters, and more. The game played with 3D features more than any other Jaguar game and actually did look pretty slick, even if the cover art looks like a Salt-n-Pepa meets Milli Vanilli album.

1 – Wes Craven Presents Mindripper

Definitely a game that a family-friendly lawyer alligator could represent!

Based on a B-movie from Wes Craven, Mindripper was slated to be a first-person horror shooter game. Footage was shot for it, and it even included an appearance from Giovanni Ribisi. The movie was released in 1995 under a couple names (The Hills Have Eyes III, The Hills Still Have Eyes, and The Outpost), so I guess if you bootleg the VHS a couple times and kind of squint while watching it on a crappy TV and mashing all the buttons on your phone, it’d be just like playing it on the Jag.

 Did we miss one of your favorite unreleased Jaguar gems? Be sure to leave a comment!

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  • Good call on the Sonic X-Treme namedrop! I actually got to play that work-in-progress at the ’96 E3. There was only one level that appeared to be a boss arena of some sort. The 3D was awesome and the game seemed much more promising than Nights or even Crash Bandicoot (one of the big deal Sony games at the show).

    I ran into a programmer from SEGA Technical Institute and asked him about it. I think it was even near the Aeon Flux game demo (another weird one that looked like Tomb Raider and was never released).

    Anyway, he didn’t have much to say about it except that it was “never gonna happen.” He actually leaned in and said it quietly, like I was getting inside information.

    Great article!

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