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7 Candies You Only Get Trick-or-Treating

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The universe is filled with candy.  A great scientist once hypothesized that you could unravel every piece of candy and use the wrappers to expand in to deep space past Pluto.

Here on Earth, candy is conveniently available 365 days a year.  Unfortunately, some of these sticky sweets are only available seasonally.  Enjoy them while you can because they’ll be gone for a year… well, nine months, now that retailers think every holiday should start a season early.

Here are seven candies you only get trick-or-treating.

7 – Any Eyeball Candies


LOOK OUT and make sure you don’t accidentally eat the foil.

Let’s face it, the only time you can get away with eating body parts is Halloween season.  Arms, legs, brains, hearts, and the like are all popular treats in the fall.  The one that sticks out the most, however, is eyeball candy.  Usually, you’ll find eyes in a wide variety from cheap chocolate to sticky gummy fruit.


6 – Peanut Butter Taffies

Both wrappers contain the same flavor, similar to M&M’s.

I don’t know what these are.  Someone just told me to put them on the list.  Just kidding, it’s pretty self-explanatory, though.  The black and orange wrappers are more distinctive than the taste of these delightful snacks.


5 – “Fun” Size Candy

Don’t be fooled.

I don’t have a problem with authority, but I do have a problem with “fun” size candy bars.  Have you ever seen your favorite band play a medley of their hits?  You feel disappointed that the songs are cut short and you don’t get to enjoy the rest.  That’s pretty much how “fun” size candy makes people feel.  Either play the entire song or give me a full size Baby Ruth.  Don’t toy with me.

4 – Sweet Tarts 2-pack

Tiny Sweet Tarts for the win!

Year round, if you want Sweet Tarts in a box, you got it.  Just go to the movie theater and pay for an overpriced helping.  You want it in a bag?  No sweat, just hit up a gas station.  Looking for Sweet Tarts in a tube?  Yeah, you can still find those on occasion.  If it’s the tiny two-pack Sweet Tarts you like, though, you better stock up around Halloween.  These don’t usually show up throughout the year.


3 – Miniature Pumpkins

Disappointingly enough, these don’t make for great pie ingredients.

If you closed your eyes and ate a miniature pumpkin, would it taste any different than a candy corn to you?  Ehh… probably not, but they’re fun just the same!  Rumor has it that the candy manufacturers wanted to start selling these in May, but candy pumpkins just don’t taste the same on Mother’s Day.

2 – Monster Munny

Monster Munny: Accepted at no fine eating establishments.

Monster Munny is such a classic Halloween candy because they take the chocolate coins from other holidays and slap iconic spooky creatures on them.  Even if the store won’t accept my 50 cents in Frankenstein coins, it’s not really a loss considering I can just eat them.

1 – Candy Corn

A few years back, several manufacturers started using sesame as an ingredient in candy corn and miniature pumpkins.  Why??

No surprise here that candy corn is at the top of the list for Halloween candy.  Yes, you can find some goofy flavors for other holidays, but there is only one candy corn that everyone would identify a mile away – and that’s the Halloween variety.  Good ol’ yellow, orange, and white color scheme.


Honorable Mention – Sack of Pennies

Tastier than candy… NOT!!!

There was always that one house in your neighborhood that handed out pennies.  You were doing all right and up for another mile of walking in the cold before your pillow case got weighed down with 83 cents worth of coins.  Pennies were pretty much the worst trick or treat gift of all.  Not only are pennies (literally) the most worthless money there is, but it added insult to injury knowing that these are pennies that the owner couldn’t even use to buy stuff.  They literally had trouble giving the pennies away!  Yeah, cash is great, but it wasn’t worth the space it took up in your candy bag.


Did we miss some of your favorite candies you only get trick-or-treating?  Tell us about it in the comments below!


  • A sack of pennies is probably the reason they created Halloween candy horror stories. Dirty-ass pennies are the biggest threat to your health that I’ve ever come across in Halloween loot.I always like getting those random candies you NEVER see. Like strange fruit candies apparently made in Mexico, or fruity tootsie rolls. Nothing compares with the “odd” candies of my childhood though. One personal favorite were these flat pink sticks that came in small boxes sort of like those generic white powdery sticks are packaged nowadays. They had a very distinct sweet “pink candy” flavor and usually had a characters face printed on the front of the slabs. I don’t know if they turned out to be a toxic health hazard or what, but I haven’t seen those things since the mid-90s.I think it’s strange that back in the day(before my time) people would give out candied apples. I guess they’re another victim of the Halloween razorblade stories.

    • MisterZero Oh those fruit tootsie rolls are the worst! And I remember those flat pink sticks! I have no idea what they’re actually called, but I remember really liking them. The ones I got were mostly hallowe’en characters (I remember a Frankenstein’s Monster one for some reason) Thanks for bringing that memory back!

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