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7 Even More Unlikely Celebrities in Video Game Commercials

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Thought 14 was enough? Well, maybe 21 is enough. Here’s another addition of Unlikely Celebrities in Video Game Commercials. If you want to see more, make sure you check our parts one and two!

7 – Vin Diesel Atari Jaguar

As far as Atari Jaguar commercials go, this one is pretty decent. The “Do the Math” tag line bites them in the ass, but knowing Vin Diesel approved enough of the console to do this voice over gives the console a little more street cred. Only way this commercial could be improved? Vin Diesel starring as the kid playing Alien Vs. Predator.

6 – Larry Cedar for Sonic the Hedgehog

Perhaps Square One Television’s Larry Cedar should have transitioned over to the Jaguar’s “Do the Math” ad campaign after the show concluded. After all, he proved he had the acting chops in the above commercial for Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog.

5 – Jack Palance for Atari

In the voice over role of a lifetime, Jack Palance narrates this alleged commercial for Atari. I say “alleged” because it comes off as more of a presentation for a corporate meeting.

4 – Mr. T and Vern Troyer for PlayStation Pac-Man World

I just hope that Vern Troyer and Mr. T are neighors in real life. What a block party that’d be!

3 – Burgess Meredith for Commodore 128

Burgess Meredith’s acting portfolio is vast and varied, but I think we can all agree that this voice over work he did for Commodore is quite a highlight of his career. Also, this feels like a Total cereal commercial with all the stuff they’re adding up to the other computer to equal the Commodore 128. No word on if this will help you poop.

2 – Bill Bixby Radio Shack TRS 80

Knowing that RadioShack filed for Chapter 11 in 2015 would probably make Bill Bixby Hulk Smash.

1 – Pointer Sisters (and tons more) for Amiga 500

There’s a lot going on in this commercial. Also, whenever I hear “Pointer Sisters” I can’t help but think of The Pointless Sisters from Samurai Pizza Cats:

Were you surprised at any of these celebrities starring in video game commercials?

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