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7 Inappropriate Cartoon Episodes

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Cartoons geared toward children usually include some jokes for the adults that are roped into watching them. While we may not have thought twice when we first saw these on television, we certainly do a double-take now. Here are a few inappropriate cartoon moments that snuck past the censors.

7 – Animaniacs – Hercule Yakko

Hey, get your fingers out of me!
Hercule Yakko is based on Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, and the gang is on a cruise ship looking for a stolen diamond. Yakko instructs Dot to “dust for prints,” but the above exchange takes place, with an emphasis on fingering Prince. Or the Artist Formerly Known As. Or that Wingdings symbol he was referring to himself as.

6 – DuckTales – Metal Attraction

I don’t remember DuckTales being quite this kinky.

Needless to say, or maybe it does need saying since this is a children’s show, Metal Attraction is loosely based on the film Fatal Attraction—completely appropriate for DuckTales’ target audience, right? Gyro programs a robot named Robotica who ends up falling in love with GizmoDuck. Robotica is programmed with intense feelings and turns psychopathic, even tying up poor GizmoDuck.

5 – Arthur – Bleep

Did she really say what I think she said?!
While Arthur was around in the 1990s, this particular episode ran in December 2003. Arthur is on the set of the bootleg Sopranos and explains what all the bleeping is. Use your imagination to fill in the blanks. I suppose it’s not wildly inappropriate, and it is informative, but at the same time… really?

4 – Cow and Chicken – Buffalo Gals

How did this get to air in the first place?

Cow and Chicken is one of those series where the majority of it could be considered inappropriate for its younger audience. That didn’t stop the series from over-stepping boundaries, as seen in Buffalo Gals. In the episode, Buffalo Gals—a motorcycle gang—invades Cow and Chicken’s house and “chews on their carpet.” Not to mention one of the gang members was named Munch Kelly and the whole gang kept talking about playing softball as well as pitching and catching. The episode managed to make it to air once, and that was it.

3 – Tiny Toon Adventures – Starting from Scratch

Nothing says children’s programming quite like explicit cat orgasms.
Done in An American Tail style, the Tiny Toon’s Starting from Scratch episode finds a family of fleas separated after their youngest child lands on Furrball. The gang shrinks themselves down to help the family reunite. Along the way, they find Furrball’s “pleasure center” and Furrball’s pupils dilate as he purrs and melts away just from Buster gently touching it.

2 – Ren and Stimpy – Rubber Nipple Salesman

Those were some fine nipples.
The earlier John K. episodes of Ren and Stimpy were probably the most bizarre episodes (not including his revival of the series a few years back). One of the strangest episodes sees Ren and Stimpy going door-to-door selling rubber nipples (the tops of baby bottles). Stimpy is so into this and explains that, “For I have a dream that one day, everyone everywhere will know the wonders of my nipples!” When selling rubber nipples to some neighbors, Ren demonstrates how they make great hickies, too. Even more shenanigans occur in this episode—Mr. Horse acts like a creepy serial killer holding a walrus hostage (a walrus who pleads with Ren and Stimpy—“Call the police!”). Not sure what’s going on behind closed-doors, not sure I want to.

1 – Rocko’s Modern Life – Canned

Emphasis on being courteous, of course.
Rocko’s Modern Life is pretty notorious for its adult humor. It seems like every episode had at least one raunchy reference, including their staple restaurant Chokey Chicken (later renamed Chewy Chicken in the fourth season when censors caught on to the masturbation joke). In Canned, Rocko is job hunting and ends up as a specialty phone operator. Not just any phone operator, as the video clip above demonstrates. Just remember: Be hot, be naughty, be courteous.

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