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7 Inventions We Need Before the Hoverboard

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I came across a can of food in my pantry last week that expires in October 2015.  That seemed like such a far-off date in 1989, but now my food is documenting that its arrival is near.  Every five year old who saw Back to the Future opening weekend wanted the same prediction to come true: hoverboards.  Priorities change over the course of 25 years, though.  Sure, I’d still love a hoverboard of my own, but my boring adult life could actually use a few other things before they become a reality.

Here are seven inventions we really need before the hoverboard… because we are grown-ups now.

7 – Suspended Fruit Bar

bttffruit_001Love those JVC branded shades, too!

When I’m in the mood for munching, I tend to reach for whatever the most convenient snack is so I can get back to work as soon as possible.  Typically, that means I’m grabbing a couple packs of fruit gummies.  How great would it be if I could just insist on grapes being lowered from the ceiling for my immediate hunger cravings?

6 – Flying Cars

bttfflyingcars_001Flying cars can be dangerous.

I think most people would be surprised to see flying cars this far up the list, but these are the same people who would apparently be okay with mid-air collisions landing on them.  I’m glad the Hill Valley future is depicted as having “no fly zones” to help alleviate these issues.  I can’t, however, deny the appeal in simply hovering over daily dead-stopped traffic on a busy interstate commute.  Perhaps, a flying car would work best if I were the only person who owned one.

5 – Dust Repellent Paper

bttfdustpaper_001Dust: one of the biggest threats to a time traveler… NOT!

Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I’m sitting at my desk and realize my sticky pads and files are covered in dust; it’s almost as if I never do any work around here!  Oh, wait… Well, anyway, dust repellent paper would make me seem like a much neater person that I actually am.  Besides, dust covers really are annoying.  Why can’t they just print the photo on the hard cover?

4 – Suspended Animation Kennel

bttfsuspended_001Doc has some sort of obsession with Einstein not knowing what’s happening.

There’s that word again: suspended.  Why are things so suspended in the future?  Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?  Regardless, one of the inventions you never actually see in the second film is the suspended animation kennel.  Doc makes a comment in passing that the dog will never know he was gone due to this amazing future technology.  If only we could have these at our places of employment, activate it at 9am and turn it off at 5pm!

3 – Food Hydrator

bttfhydrator_001Hydrate Level 4, please.

The idea of a machine that could give me more pizza has been appealing since I first saw the sequel as a kid.  I also learned about the pizza hydrator before I knew what a dehydrator was and was baffled as to why anyone would want to make food smaller.  This one is definitely on my must-have list.  Now that I’m cooking meals, I definitely want something that makes my life a little easier in the food department!

2 – Sleep Inducer

bttfsleep_001It’s a pretty scary looking device and the expression on Doc’s face isn’t helping.

You know this feeling: it was a stressful day at work, a big meeting happens the next day that determines your entire career path, it’s 4am and you still haven’t drifted off to lullaby land.  Boy, it sure would be nice to grab a sleep inducer at 10pm and set it to wake you up in plenty of time the next morning to feel refreshed.  With a device like this, you can relax and turn your thoughts back to the future, focusing on that next promotion right around the corner.

1 – Auto-Drying Jacket

bttfjacket_001“Your jacket is now dry!”

Let’s face it, a rubber jacket is pretty cool looking.  The auto-drying mode, though, seemed pretty pointless to me until I lived some place that snowed.  People in the north get soaked scraping ice off their car for 20 minutes each morning and then get in and blast the heater to dry off.  Believe me, after doing this every day, winter after endless bleak winter, the auto-drying jacket definitely edges past the hoverboard on the priority list.

Honorable Mention:  The Cubs

bttfcubs_001Truly, a science fiction film.

This isn’t really an invention, but seriously The Cubs could use a World Series win.  It’s been over a century, now.  If you’re considering betting on a 2015 championship title, you may still want to hold off another 100 years.

Did we miss some of your favorite 2015 gadgets?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  • Ever since I was a kid I have been intrigued and amazed by the food dehydrator. It just seems like such an amazing concept, come on science!!

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