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7 More Catchy Board Game Jingles

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Up, down, left, right, start, and A, board game jingles were everywhere in the 1980s and 1990s and these games didn’t require memorizing some complicated code to win.  In fact, you will notice a young man often declares himself the winner at the end of each commercial.  Admit it, you are a surgeon now and it’s all due to the Operation jingle.  Or perhaps, now a convict, you did have fun getting into trouble.

Whatever your personal case may be, here are seven more catchy board game jingles.

7 – Perfection

Don’t mix Pop Rocks and Dr. Pepper.

Is it cheating if a board game jingle is a parody of an old campfire tune?  Milton Bradley put that question to the challenge with the Perfection jingle.  Not only did the song help sell dozens of copies of the game, but I would argue most people who grew up in the early 90s associate the tune with Perfection rather than… well, I know it as the Perfection song, at least.

6 – Operation

A thousand dollar fee?

The Operation commercial convinced me I could be a surgeon and left me wanting this game for years.  I finally received it for my 18th birthday.  Maybe the magic just got lost along the way, but Operation was nowhere near as fun as I had expected over the course of twelve years.  At least the jingle is still as fun as it always was.

5 – Popomatic Trouble

Maybe it was just me, but the idea of getting into trouble just never seemed appealing.

I only played Popomatic Trouble once, however, I’ve been whistling this jingle my entire life.  Perhaps too many viewers take the absurdity of the commercial in stride, which prompts me to interpret this commercial.  Floating dice and board game pieces take players into an enchanted world of magic, hope, and wonder.  The only thing that can break the illusion and send your mind crashing back to the stress level of Earth is an ogre in a striped shirt.  Asking only a simply question, the ogre is startled when you and your companions shout answers.  You win and the game begins again.

4 – KerPlunk

KerPlunk:  A game for really imaginative people.

Hip-hop was all the rage in the 1980s, especially when it came to re-branding old games for the new generation.  Enter KerPlunk, a world of sticks, marbles, and a plastic tube.  Geez… it really is tough to make that sound any more exciting than it is.  I was originally going to poke fun at this jingle, but actually it does as much justice as possible to KerPlunk.  Congrats.

3 – Shark Attack

Don’t go in the water (drawn on a piece of cardboard on the kitchen table).

The premise of the board game is nothing more than rolling dice to move your piece forward.  However, you can’t play Shark Attack without having the commercial jingle in your head the entire time.  The intensity gets to you, making the the 1 mph shark seem like it’s traveling at least 3 mph.

2 – Gator Golf

This game is still produced.

What could be greater than golf with a gator?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Or, at least, that’s what the producers of the Gator Golf commercial would like you to believe.  Candy?  Don’t bother.  Winning the lottery?  Who cares?  Batman at your sixth birthday party?  Not impressive because, seriously, nothing could be greater than golf with a gator.

1 – Cross Fire

At one point, people really thought the future would look like this.

Board game commercials tend to exaggerate the fun factor of the game itself, but no other advertisement compares to the one for Cross Fire.  Two opponents hover down to the playing field on game pieces to battle it out.  All the while, the screams of audience members and a heavy rock song get the adrenaline pumping.  In reality, it was just a lousy game of two players spitting beads at each other.

Bonus Content – Popomatic Trouble 1970s Jingle

About as “square” as it gets…

In the 1970s, it didn’t take much to impress a board game audience.  This commercial clearly demonstrates the efforts of the Worldwide Board Game Associates of Making Millions of Dollars (WBGAMMD) to kick it up a notch with jingles of the 1980s.

Did we miss some of your favorite catchy board game jingles?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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