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7 More Sonic the Hedgehog Mysteries

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The Sonic the Hedgehog Series is rife with strange mystery. From missing characters to missing consoles, Sonic and Sega always keep us guessing. Here are seven more mysteries to wrap your head around!

7 – Mystery: Where are Mighty and Ray?

Not that they’d be able to save the franchise…

Unsolved!: Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel made their first appearance in SegaSonic the Hedgehog, an arcade released in Japan in 1993. Mighty later briefly stopped in for Knuckles Chaotix and hasn’t been heard from since. If you have information about their whereabouts, please contact the authorities at Pop Rewind immediately.

6 – Mystery: “Hey, all that music in Sonic 3 sounds like ‘Stranger in Moscow.’”

You can hear other 16-bit versions of Jackson’s songs on Moonwalker. True story.

Solved!: Because it is! Rumors about Michael Jackson’s involvement in Sonic 3’s music have been circulating for years, but recently were confirmed by STI director Roger Hector. Jackson worked on the music, but thanks to some poorly-timed scandals on his end, the deal fell apart and no credit was given. In 2009, Brad Buxer (Jackson’s composer) confirmed the rumors further stating that Jackson wasn’t credited because he was unhappy with the sound, and that the end music of the game was used in “Stranger in Moscow.”

5 – Mystery: Why do you have to buy a new console to play the second episode of Sonic 4?

Coming soon– just not to the console you bought it for.

Unsolved!: Episodic downloadable games seem to be a trend that has gained a lot of steam lately, and downloading these games onto the Wii is pretty simple. Many players will be left out in the cold this May when Episode 2 comes out, as Sega decided to skip releasing it on the Wii. Why? Because it’s a dick move. Someone over at Sega is really pushing an XBOX agenda.

4 – Mystery: Where is the bonus Sonic 4 game for Wii users?

Are those tremors?

Unsolved!: An exclusive mode called Episode Metal is available to players who purchased Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Episode 2 on the same system. Sounds like a great deal, except Episode 2 is not available on the Wii, meaning Wii users have to repurchase Episode 1 on a different console or on the PC. Not such a steal anymore.

3 – Mystery: Is Ray the Flying Squirrel and Miles “Tails” Prower the same character?

I think I found Ray… on an episode of The Simpsons

Solved!: More or less, probably.

2 – Mystery: I already played Sonic 3. Why am I playing the rejected levels on Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles?

Would the Genesis explode if you locked a Sonic & Knuckles cart into another Sonic & Knuckles cart?

Solved!: Originally, Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles were to be one giant game with Knuckles as a third playable character, but time constraints and costs prevented that dream from happening. On the bright side, at least we didn’t see something as craptacular as Sonic 3D Blast show its ugly face here. Since the projects did start as one cohesive game, data from Sonic & Knuckles is still on the Sonic 3 cartridge (such as music, bosses, and some graphics for Flying Battery Zone).

1 – Mystery: Is there really a Sonic-themed roller coaster and hotel room?

Such a romantic setting!

Solved!: Forget capitalizing on the success of Sonic in 1993—Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England opened a roller coaster and a special hotel room with a Sonic theme in 2010. To be fair, it was to promote the Sonic 4 release, but still—a Sonic Spinball rollercoaster in 2010? Heck, a Sonic Spinball anything, ever? Still, you have to admit, that hotel room is pretty sweet.


Are there more Sonic mysteries that you’re curious about? Let us know and we’ll get our crack research team on the case!

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