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7 More Things Back to the Future Kinda Got Right About 2015

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Here we are, mere hours after October 21, 2015: the most important date in Back to the Future (BTTF) fan history. At the beginning of the year, we examined Things Back to the Future Kinda Got Right About 2015, but now that we’re 10 months in, we’re more confident in these 7 Additional Things Back to the Future Kinda Got Right About 2015.

7 – Flux Capacitors Are a Car Option

Well, not really.  Ford was just trolling us.  Too bad, as this would look pretty sweet on our dashboards.  But you can get a mini Flux Capacitor on Think Geek!

6 – Chicago Cubs Win at Baseball


Even if you don’t know anything about baseball, you’ll know that the Chicago Cubs hasn’t won the World Series in a million years. Or at least since 1908. Likely due to a gypsy curse, but instead of getting thinner the players just suck at sports. The Cubs were out as of October 21, but they actually did really, really well this season and that should count for something.

5 – Pepsi Perfect


In the future, everyone drinks Pepsi Perfect. While we’ve had a multitude of Pepsi varieties over the years, none of them have been Perfect. Until now. Pepsi released a limited edition Pepsi Perfect on October 21, and while the release was botched they are offering BTTF fans a second chance to order on November 3, 2015. So fork over your $20 (hey, it’s a bargain compared to the $50 Future Marty paid!) and get your Pepsi Perfect!

4 – Outties Jeans


The future really is now, thanks to this Kickstarted project. Outties Jeans are special jeans you can wear inside-out. I guess you could actually wear your pants inside out, but why not spend the money and get the real deal.

3 – Nike Power Lacing Sneakers


We saw Nike Power Lacing Sneakers go for a pretty penny on eBay a couple years ago, but they weren’t REAL power lacing shoes. Earlier this year, Nike filed a patent for Power Lacing sneakers and they could be here sooner than you think.

2 – Jaws 19

That’s right, Jaws 19 is a thing. Well, not really. But pretty close.


Can we also talk about the sharks from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Half-Time Show this year?


Because they look pretty familiar.

1 – Hoverboards


File this under “kinda” because they’re not the pink Mattel boards we were hoping to get, but there’s a bunch of hoverboards out there these days. They look more like a broken Segway, but at this point, we’ll take it.

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