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7 More Things You No Longer Have in Your Bedroom

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We couldn’t stop at 7 Things You No Longer Have in Your Bedroom. We had to go for 14! Here’s the other half!

7 – Transparent Telephone


If I could convince my boss to get these for the office, I would be one happy camper. Never mind that it doesn’t have any of the features needed for office use. The 90s. Wow, man. Did you ever have your own phone line? That plus this phone was the ultimate combo.

6 – Sponge Painted Walls or just an obnoxious wall color


One of my pals had her room bright hot pink with silver, light pink, white, and black splatter and sponge paint. She did it to piss off her mom, but we all suffered for it.

5 – 3.5″ Floppy Disks


Chances are that you didn’t have a computer in your room due to safety concerns– either your parents were worried about online predators or they were worried about that giant cinder block catching fire. Either way, you likely had piles upon piles of 3.5″ floppy disks on every available surface. Can you believe those things only held 1.44 mb? No wonder we all had 3,000 unmarked disks strewn about.

4 – Giant Stereo (Preferably of the 5 CD Changer Type)


You couldn’t throw a party with yourself in your own bedroom if you didn’t have the means to throw 5 CDs in your stereo and hit random. If your stereo didn’t look like a god damned Transformer, you might as well have just sat there in silence, staring at the wall.

3 – Lip Smackers


We never thought we’d see the day that Bonne Bell Lip Smackers would go out of business (even though another company bought them, so calm down), but judging by our collections, you may have thought we were preparing for the lip balm apocalypse. Maybe we knew way back then that it could never last.

2 – Treasure Trolls


Trolls. Everywhere.

1 – Aquarium


You know how when you meet someone and they have an aquarium in their house but they’re like 30 years old, and you’re like… hmm… okay… Well, if you were between the ages of eight and 13, that wasn’t so god damned weird. Did you have some of those weird neon spine fish? What about angel fish? Man you were cool. Except when you had to clean that tank. Grody.

What wacky items did you used to have in your bedroom? Let us know!

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