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7 More Unlikely Celebrities in Video Game Commercials

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Celebrities will sell anything. And I’m not faulting them for that. I’d give my fictional first born to star in a Sega Saturn commercial. We’ve profiled seven celebrities shilling in video game commercials previously. Unsatisfied with that, we found seven more.

7 – William Shatner for VIC-20

Not to be out-done by Leonard Nimoy pimpin’ out the Magnavox Odyssey 2, William Shatner was all up in the Commodore! Vic-20. Check out that sexy Gorf action.

6 – Tobey Maguire for Atari Lynx

Here’s something you (don’t want to) see everyday (calm down Atari fanboys I’M JOKING)– Tobey Maguire for the Atari Lynx. Perhaps he’s best known for an uncredited role in The Wizard, but to us, we know his breakout role was this Atari Lynx commercial. Have you played Atari today? On a Lynx the size of a senior grade calculus binder? On the shitter? Actually… yes.

5 – Alan Alda for Atari XL

Ohhhh man remember those printers? Alan Alda sure does since he had six reams of it strewn across his house during this Atari XL commercial.

4 – Mickey Jones for Kirby’s Dream Land 2

When I picture an actor to star in a Kirby commercial, Mickey Jones doesn’t come to mind. It’s a good thing I’m not in charge of booking commercials, though, because Jones’ poetry is truly moving. Instead of clapping, I snapped my fingers. Being a creative writing major does that to you (it also makes you unemployed. Learn math, kids!)

3 – Don Knotts for Atari 2600

Sports stars starring in commercials about their sports games, I’m okay with that. But why is Don Knotts there? I got nothing else. Why is here there, though?

2 – Aretha Franklin for Target NES

Aretha Franklin in a Nintendo commercial may seem strange, but let’s break it down. Aretha is a queen. Of course Target is going to want her in their commercials. What’s hot this Christmas season? The Nintendo. If Aretha sings and insinuates parents need to bring a Nintendo home? Well, yeah, they do. Logic’ed!

1 – Seth Green for Atari 2600

Seth Green has a long CV that includes lots of television commercials from when he was a child. This one for Yars Revenge on the Atari 2600? Priceless. Take that to the bank, Pudding Roll-Ups!

Any commercials surprise you? What are some of your favorite video game commercials? Let us know!

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