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7 Shirts Your Mom Picked Out For You

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Admit it.  In your memories, you wore the shirts you wanted to in fourth grade.  In reality, though?  Your mom was the one filling up the shopping cart with shirts that might make you look cool.  The result was a strange mish-mash of trending brands, lesser brands, and fly-by-night novelty brands.

Here are seven shirts your mom picked out for you.

7 – Hypercolor

Did they create that soundtrack on a YakBak?

It was the shirt that changed colors as you got sweaty!  Along with glow-in-the-dark glue and pencil grips, Hypercolor clothing seemed like a good concept.  There was a very brief window where these shirts were considered in-fashion and if you were caught wearing one beyond that, your playground reputation instantly hit the sand face-first.

6 – Bugle Boy

Even at the time, I was always confused by the brand name Bugle Boy.  Was I supposed to be representing a group of young lads who were the designated “Taps” performers?  Their designs were pretty trippy and, at times, seemed like something a Doug character would wear.

5 – Esprit


My level of fashion sense showed whenever I described someone as wearing a “sprit” shirt.  It was years before I realized the design featured an unfinished, yet pronounced, letter E.  To be totally honest, I even misspelled the name as “Espirit” in my rough draft of this article.  Clearly, I’m still not hip to this trend.

4 – Big Dogs


Looking back, it seems as if Big Dogs shirts only came in one size: three times larger than you needed.  Gazing at that logo, I have flashbacks of baggy shirts filling the school bus in the morning.

3 – Body Glove


Though their clothing seems geared toward surfers these days, there was a time when Body Glove seemed like direct competition to Bugle Boy.  In the 90s, they featured similar radical designs, though with the addition of the distinct glove symbol.

2 – Guess


Perhaps, I’m completely out-of-the-loop on trends even all this time later.  Every time I saw someone wearing a Guess shirt, my initial reaction was “what?”  Little has changed.

1 – No Fear

Nothing said “extreme coolness” like a No Fear shirt.  The baddest kids in fourth grade walked the halls sporting these shirts.  By the time I got one, they were usually on clearance at K-Mart.  These were the lesser designs.  I never had one with the instense, scary eyes that looked like they were out of a Sonic the Hedgehog advertisement.  My No Fear shirt, instead, featured a cactus.  Way cool.

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  • My grandmother used to love buying us grandchildren Big Dogs brand stuff, it was awful. And No Fear was so incredibly overdone it still make me nauseous to this day.

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