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7 Sonic Mysteries Part 4

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Is there no end to the Sonic Mysteries that plague our society? Looks like the answer is no. In case you missed any of them, be sure to read up on Sonic Mysteries Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

7 – Is there a demonic plush of Tails that wants to eat my soul?

tails-dollLet’s be friends…

Solved!: Yes, it’s true, Tails Doll wants to eat your soul. Tails Doll is an unlockable character in the Sonic R racing game—an artificial copy of Tails created by Robotnik to round out the set of copies for Team Sonic. In theory, a Tails Doll doesn’t seem so bad. In practice, it’s a soulless creature wanting to eat your face and is so creepy it looks like it’s straight out of 7th Guest, not a Sonic game.

6 – What is up with the UFOs in the Sonic game featured in Wayne’s World?

waynes-world-sonicI just got the pun of Noah’s ARCade right now.

Solved!: During a commercial for Noah’s Arcade in the movie Wayne’s World, a Sonic game can be seen playing in the background. Looks somewhat familiar except—are those UFOs?! Yes, there’s UFOs in the background. This was part of a prototype with UFOs in Marble Zone. I don’t understand why they were there either, but thankfully they were removed from the game we all know and love.

5 – The music in Marble Zone from Sonic 1 kind of sounds like an old ditty I can’t quite place…

I can just picture Sonic falling into hot lava…

Unsolved!: It does sound copyright infringeingly similar to Andy Williams’ “Music to Watch Girls By”, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

4 – Was Super Sonic in Sonic 2 a tribute to Super Saiyan Goku from Dragon Ball Z?

dragonball-sonicYeah, I don’t see it.

Solved!: Nah, probably not.

3 – Is it true that Sonic 2 was originally a very large game, but many zones were cut in order to make a holiday deadline?

cyber-cityCyber City done in ink on paper. Irony?

Solved!: Sonic 2 originally contained five additional Zones: Dust Hill, Wood, Cyber City, and Hidden Palace. The title was also slated to be a time-travel type of game, a concept Sega revisited with Sonic CD, but technology at the time wasn’t available to make it truly work. Another fun fact? Cyber City was originally named Genocide City until the Japanese developers learned what Genocide actually meant. Oops.

2 – Were Metal Sonic, Rocket Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and Honey the Cat supposed to be playable characters in Sonic The Fighters?

rocket-metal-sonicMIRROR FIGHT!

Solved!: Yes, Metal Sonic, Rocket Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and Honey the Cat were all originally meant to be playable, but ended up getting the axe. Through the almighty powers of hacking, those four characters can be played, however. If you’re not into hacking, Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and Honey the Cat are all playable characters in the HD re-release. Rocket Metal Sonic fans are out of luck.

1 – Is it true there’s a new Sonic game that doesn’t suck?

teamMegamix_logoOh thank god.

Solved!: YES! Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix is a work-in-progress mod of the original Sonic game for the Sega Genesis. New art and additional characters are available to play. There’s a temporary hiatus in the completion of the game, but you can still play it and stay up to date at Team Megamix.

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