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7 Things You No Longer Have in Your Bathroom

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Home décor changes drastically every few years—just think back to your childhood bathroom and then compare it to the dated bathroom you currently have. Imagine if you had a really nice bathroom, how crappy would that childhood bathroom of yours look? Anyway, here are seven items you won’t find in your current bathroom.

7 – Bath Beads


Before stores like Lush were popping up and stinkin’ up the malls, we had to get our luxurious baths on in a less expensive way– through the use of bath beads. Bath beads, which today I learned are still available, were these round balls (or if you were super fancy, there were shell shapes, stars, hearts, dolphins, and even fruit) that contained bath oils inside. I think you either dumped them into the bath and the outer shell dissolved or you just squished them until they popped and squirted the oil into the bath. The thing is, I’ve never used bath beads and I have a feeling you never did, either. But you were very much aware of their existence

I have two stories about bath beads that I will tell you now.

1.) A cousin of mine was obsessed with stealing bath beads from our aunt’s house. The aunt in question was getting up there in age, her two grown children had left home and she was on her own. My cousin would hoard the piles of bath beads she’d keep in the downstairs bathroom. Every time she was there, she’d scoop some and revel in telling me her tales of how she took more. I never sold her out and I don’t talk much to my family, but I have considered contacting her if only to ask what she did with all those damned bath beads. I wonder if our aunt noticed how quickly her stash of bath beads diminished…

2.) A friend of mine’s older sister somehow had a giant trash bag full of bath beads. I vaguely remember a story about a friend’s dad working for some bath product company, but again, vague. Owning a giant trash bag of bath beads seems unnecessary for two reasons: why??? and that’s too many bath beads. My friend and I, being 11 at the time, took a shine to throwing these around her house, at each other, at the cat, etc. Not a visit went by where we weren’t covered in weird smelling bath oils, the beads smashed into our socks as we inevitably stepped on them. That’s about as close as I got to using the things.

6 – Dixie Cups and their Holders

peanuts-dixie-cupsPhoto Credit: Etsy.

Getting a cup of water before bed, rinsing out your mouth after brushing your teeth, filling with pudding and making your own little pudding pops—it seems like the possibilities were endless with Dixie Cups. Who cared if they were wasteful? Sure, we could have just grabbed a Tupperware cup from the kitchen, but these things were so convenient, sitting next to the sink in their very own dispenser. You felt so cool, taking one of those Peanuts Dixie Cups right off the wall, giving a chuckle to the comic printed on the side, pretending you were working in your office job as a boss doing boss things and drinking from the water cooler. And now? You just swish mouthwash right from the jug, you dirty animal.

5 – Barbie Toilet Tissue Covers

barbie-toilet-tissue-coverPhoto Credit: Becoming Whitney.

You know your grandmother had one of these sitting on the back of the guest bathroom toilet. She wouldn’t dare display bare toilet paper, after all. The magical thing about these Barbie Toilet Tissue Covers is that you couldn’t buy them. You really had to go out of your way to make one. And if you didn’t end up finishing it, you had a weird half-bodied doll sitting around to freak out any nosy kids… not that I speak from experience.

4 – Noxema, Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific, and Others

Wacky_Packages_Old_School_147Photo Credit: Lost Wackys.

What’s in your bathroom? Probably some Old Spice, Dove, Herbal Essences, Head & Shoulders, Bath & Body Works, etc. Notably missing? That old Noxzema face wash and your old Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo. Don’t be too sad about these missing items—if you really need your hair to smell Terrific, you can still buy the product in the Philippines.

3 – Wall Paper, Sponge Painted Walls, or at Least a Border

wallpaper-bathroomPhoto Credit: Hooked on Houses.

Dear god, make it stop. I’m no expert in anything, but I can’t imagine a better combination than bathroom humidity and wallpaper.

2 – Frilly Everything

frilly-basketsPhoto Credit: Etsy.

Bathrooms of yesteryear displayed copious amounts of frilly window coverings and shower curtain curtains (or whatever they’re called—those fabric curtains that go over the regular plastic shower curtain liner). But the frillyness didn’t stop there. This carried over to fabric-covered baskets (your bath beads had to go somewhere), trash bins, flower vases, and more. In only the… um… color-iest colors.

1 – Cordless Phone

cordless-phonePhoto Credit: You Know You Love Fashion.

Before you wasted your time playing Candy Crush on the crapper, you kept your trusty cordless phone nearby. I had a friend that would call me from her bathtub on a regular basis. I realize cordless phones of the 90s weren’t that great, but I could still hear the echo and the running water. Jeez, read a magazine in there and call me back later!


What retro weirdness is lurking in your bathroom? Did you have any of these ones back in the day?

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  • Oh man, my grandma still has wallpaper in her bathroom. We keep telling her to remodel, but she likes it way too much. I try to avoid that bathroom just so I don’t feel like I’ve been in the 70’s. http://www.bandjtileinc.com

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