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7 Unexpected Celebrity Pepsi Endorsements

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Since the dawn of time, Pepsi has tried to keep up with Coca-Cola and arguably surpass it. Here are seven times that celebrities stepped in to speak up for Pepsi, whether or not they wanted to.

7 – Rick Moranis

When you think Rick Moranis, as I often do, you don’t think of Pepsi. Or any product, really. Well, maybe Molson. Either way, you’re not imagining Rick Moranis’ German twin drinking Pepsi. But now you will.

6 – Madonna

Well, oops. In 1989, a two-minute commercial featuring Madonna and her little song “Like a Prayer” hit the airwaves to promote Pepsi. Clearly the people at Pepsi had never encountered Madonna before and were shocked and or appalled when the corresponding music video for “Like a Prayer” was full of cross burning and sex. Due to lots of blowback from religious groups, Pepsi pulled the commercial and quashed Madonna’s contract.

5 – Michael Jackson

Pepsi officially challenged other beverage manufacturers to a dance off in 1983 with their Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation promotion. Infamously in 1984, on the set of another Pepsi commercial, Jackson’s hair caught fire. Surprisingly, Jackson signed back on with Pepsi later in the 80s to tie in with Bad. Damn, that is pretty bad.

4 – David Bowie/Tina Turner

What do you get when you combine panty hose print ads and Pepsi? Tina Turner, somehow. There are celebrities so huge that you’d never think they’d consider any kind of endorsements. And what if two of those power performers teamed up? You’d get the above Pepsi commercial. Both Bowie and Turner enjoyed Pepsi-sponsored concert tours, which is apparently a great deal considering how many music acts go for this.

3 – Michael J. Fox

In which a DeLorean would have been helpful for Michael J. Fox to use to so he could stock up on Diet Pepsi in order to secure a threesome. This is the best case I’ve seen for further time travel research.

2 – Shaq

If Shaq could grant you three wishes, what would you ask for? Besides a copy of Shaq-Fu and World Peace? More Pepsi, of course, especially refreshing after an intense basketball game. And maybe a Shaq shirt. Can we get four wishes, oh rapping genie?

1 – Van Halen

Right now, you can’t hear Van Halen without your mouth watering at the thought of Crystal Pepsi. Pepsi went balls deep in their advertising with commercials that made it seem like Crystal Pepsi was revolutionizing the entire universe. It was about to revolutionize copyright infringement, however. Eddie Van Halen stated that he only let Pepsi use “Right Now” because he figured they’d just get someone else to do a cover and use that. Sounds sketchy, but whatever. I could still go for a tall, cool glass of Crystal Pepsi… RIIIIIIGHT NOW.

Honorable Mention: Bob Dole

Dole’s on a role, Dole’s outta control! After Dole’s retirement, he went on to peddle soft drinks and other products. Good for him for starring in this commercial with Britney Spears. And it’s a really good thing he had that Viagara endorsement deal as well. Nope, now I feel dirty.

So, are you Team Coke or Team Pepsi? What’s your favorite Pepsi commercial? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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