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7 Unlikely Celebrities in Video Game Commercials

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In another life in another time, these celebrities shilled for video games and ended up banging out some memorable commercials. Thanks to the Internet, these gems have been unearthed for all to see. So, here are some of our favorites.

7 – Bryan Cranston for Atari 2600 Mega Force

Before he was Malcolm’s dad, Walter White, Bryan Cranston donned a yellow sweatshirt and straddled a chair to destroy all pixels. Check out that leg work as he mounts the chair. Always a limber fella with great hair.

6 – Paul Rudd for Super Nintendo

Doing his best impression of John Cusak, Paul Rudd played with power in this commercial for the SNES. His dreamy good looks could even sell sports games.

5 – Phil Hartman for Activision Ice Hockey

We’ve written before about Phil Hartman’s commercial for the Philips CD-I, but did you know he was also in a commercial for Activision Ice Hockey? Hartman really gets into it. Between him and Rudd, I’m suddenly realizing why so many sports video games have been sold.

4 – Jack Black Atari 2600 Pitfall!

A young Jack Black leads this Atari 2600 Pitfall! commercial. The best part– the trademark Jack Black stare. And, you can totally hear modern day Jack Black in his voice. That guy has been hyper for ages. The hat was a nice touch.

3 – Joey Lawrence for ColecoVision Smurf

Like everything he’s in (have I outted myself as a Joey Lawrence fan on this site yet? I will soon if I haven’t), Joey Lawrence steals the spotlight in this 30-second spot for ColecoVision’s Smurf video game. The best part is the climax of this commercial where the dad shouts, “SMURF EM ALL!” Is it an inappropriate exclamation? Joey, condescendingly, tells his dad that the pixelated Smurf adventure is too intense for him in the most adorable way possible.

2 – Leonard Nimoy for Magnavox Odyssey 2

Maybe the system would have done better if Leonard Nimoy’s face appeared in the commercial, but his voice over work is unmistakeable.

1 – Carol Channing & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for Atari 2600

There are some power pop culture duos that we can’t do without– Hall & Oates, Luke & Laura, Cookies & Cream Twix. But no duo could top the selling power of Carol Channing & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. No wonder just about every household had one of these contraptions back in the day.

Did a celebrity ever influence your video game purchase? Leave us a comment below!

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