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7 Weird Al Parodies You Don’t Know About

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“Weird Al” Yankovic is on top of the world right now – and, rightly, so! He’s been the undisputed champ of pop song parodies for over 30 years. Everyone knows the classic songs, such as “Eat It” and “Smells Like Nirvana”. For one reason or another, some parody ideas never made it to an album but were either performed live or played on the Dr. Demento radio show. A few of these tracks are just as good as any other Weird Al great, while some are short laughs performed in a medley of other songs.

Here are seven Weird Al parodies you (probably) don’t know about.

7 – Moldy Now

Weird Al took on the Thompson Twins in 1985 when he hit the road for The Stupid Tour with his Stupid Band to promote the album Dare to be Stupid. While “Hold Me Now” was hitting the charts, Yankovic turned the narrative into a tale about eating leftovers that were just a touch past their prime.

6 – Laundry Day

The Offspring was a target for parody on 1999’s Running With Scissors album with the song “Pretty Fly For A Rabbi”, though that wasn’t the first time one of their songs received the Weird Al treatment. In 1996, audiences were first treated to the destined-to-remain-unreleased song “Laundry Day”, a parody of “Come Out And Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)”. The lyrics cover the proper ways to sort through various types of clothing. I’ve always kind of preferred this one to his later parody of The Offspring.

5 – We Won’t Eat Prunes Again

Yes, Weird Al parodied The Who, but only a limited audience ever really heard this number. It was way back in 1980 before he had an album on the market when Yankovic took a turn at “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, spinning into a sad and disturbing tale about eating prune sauce. You can pretty much imagine exactly how that works out for the song’s narrator.

4 – Gee, I’m A Nerd

In a cutting edge twist, Weird Al penned a technology-driven anthem to The Beatles mid-90s reunion song “Free As A Bird”. The line “Home alone on Friday nights, but I got eight gigabytes left on my hard drive” seemed pretty impressive at the time. Well, the hard drive space part, at least.

3 – Don’t You Forget About Meat

In the mid-80s, you couldn’t escape that song from The Breakfast Club. It was everywhere. It still is, really. Which is why it’s such a bummer that “Don’t You Forget About Meat” was never released as a single. You know that moment in a grocery store where you’re singing along to the muzak, but using the Weird Al lyrics? And then you catch someone else doing it, too? And then you both just stare at each other for a second before moving to the next aisle? Yeah, well, imagine if you ran into them singing better lyrics to “Don’t You Forget About Me”.

2 – Pac-Man

“Free As A Bird” wasn’t the first time the accordion-meister took on a Beatles tune. You have to jump back 15 years earlier in the Weird Al rarity catalog to find his earlier parody of “Taxman”. Yankovic cleverly capitalized on the growing video game trend with a new song titled “Pac-Man”, which is surprisingly better in every way lyrically than the original hit.

1 – I’ll Repair For You

This is it. Hands down. If Weird Al ever dusted off one of his old concert-only songs for a release, it should be his take on “I’ll Be There For You” (aka the Friends theme). He introduced his version to audiences by explaining that he had been contacted to write a theme song for Home Improvement, but that it sounded too much like another TV theme. Audiences LOL’d all over the place when the band broke into the iconic opening riff. Brilliance.

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