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8 NES Covers to Inspire a Romance Novel

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So, you want to be a romance novel author?  You have your notebook full of character names like Sven and Sally.  Your mechanical pencil has the right amount of lead to get you started.  Even as we speak, your word processor machine is powering on.  However, you are bone dry on ideas for plots and suspense.

No worries, here are eight NES covers to inspire a romance novel.

8 – Clash at Demonhead


You know there’s a good story hiding in the depths of the Clash at Demonhead box art…

The year is 2006 and the future’s fate depends on the success of one man: Sven Diagram.  All he wanted was to take his babe Sally to the sock hop, but instead he got to tango with skeletons and dinosaurs.  With the help of his half-man/half-motorcycle friends, he may stand a chance at freedom.  Will Sven make it to the dance in time or will Sally be forever doomed to do step aerobics in the Clash at Demonhead?

7 – Impossible Mission II


If Tron and lasers aren’t your thing, forget Clash at Demonhead and take a look at Impossible Mission II…

Sven Diagram is just another man who looks like another man: David Hasselhoff.  When the impossible hits the fan, Sven must dodge explosions, step ladders, and leather jacket haters.  Luckily, his ex-cop long fingernailed girlfriend Sally is always by his side, unarmed and with only one arm.  Will her Beat It inspired duds help Sven save the day or are the two forever doomed in this Impossible Mission II?

6 – Rolling Thunder


And we’re back to lasers and Tron inspired sci-fi novels…

You can only push a man so many times before you’ve pushed him over the edge.  After space warrior Sally rips a few holes in her skin-tight uniform and passes out, Sven drags her limp body along for the revenge ride.  Her final request was to taste blood on her way to the grave.  Perhaps, Sven should have looked twice to see her shirt was only ripped after eating a few extra cookies.  After all, there were no blood stains.  Either way, he’s on a mission of revenge.  Will Sally wake up in time to replace her shirt at Saturday’s blue light K-Mart special or will Sven have to go to the sale alone in Rolling Thunder?

5 – Ghost Lion


Here’s one about a tale of friendship and everlasting companions…

Tina Yothers stars in this one of a kind coming of age tale about a lonely swords woman and her white lion companion Sven.  After battling an evil spirit, it is revealed that Sven is a ghost and likes to sculpt pottery.  A woman resembling Whoopi Goldberg gets involved in the subplot somehow.  Will Tina Yothers be able to free the spirit of her lost loved one who has been turned into a lion or will she be forever doomed to be friends with a lion who is a ghost?

4 – Toki


If monkeys are more your thing, check out Toki.

In Toki, Bubbles the Chimp stars as Sally, a chimp with a fragile psyche and a complete disregard for cannon. Clad only in a pair of tennis shoes amid the ancient jungle, Sally pines for her true live, Sven Ghali, at the same time as fraternal twin sister. The twist? Sally’s sister has a tragic terminal illness. Will Sally give her sister her chimp heart or will she wait for Sven to break it?

3 – Cowboy Kid


Let your mind flow with creativity and bridge the story arc of how the Cowboy Kid becomes a Cowboy Man.

Greased chiseled bodies permeate the Cowboy Kid. Protagonist Burt Reynolds falls madly in love with a slightly racists-looking man allegedly of Aboriginal descent named Sven. In a time where these two cultures are at war with each other, can their forbidden love bloom? The two lovers face much adversity in this classic coming of age story, but is their love enough to sustain them?

2 – Iron Sword

If Fabio on an NES cover doesn’t inspire your next hit romance novel, nothing will…

Through volcanoes, fire, and brimstone, comes one hero destined to defend his people and find the girl he loves.  Legend has it that a super model to be will one day journey to Sally’s village.  Unfortunately, he stopped off at an amusement park for a ride on the world’s tallest roller coaster.  That’s when the evil villain, Master Gander, sends his goose minions to destroy Sven.

1 – Vice Project Doom

Fighting crime in jean vests never looked better.

In post-apocalyptic 1980s, Mel Gibson is the protector of Sally, a strong-willed former prostitute who has turned her life around and works in a construction zone wearing no more protection than a hot pink halter top. Can Sally put her feelings for Gibson aside so she can concentrate on building a new K-Mart that would save downtown post-apocalyptic 1980s, or will Gibson serve as only a distraction that could cost Sally her job– or even worse– her dyslexic twin boys? Could a life with Mel Gibson be worth it?

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