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8 Radical Original Game Boy Commercials

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Nintendo can crank out some pretty amazing commercials, and in the case of the Game Boy, some pretty radical totally tubular commercials. Here’s a look at 8 of the Most Radical Original Game Boy Commercials from North America.

8 – The First-Ever Game Boy Commercial from 1989

I always wondered what the deal was with the Game Boy handheld box art. While mine came bundled with Super Mario Land and Tetris, was it possible there was some Tron game hidden somewhere in the box as well? There was not. There were just these weird motifs that carried over from this commercial.

7 – Old Corporate Dudes Sneak Off and Play Game Boy

I got old… does that mean I need to get my Game Boy going again?

If I walked into my boss’ office and he had that grey brick out playing Tetris, I’d get my Power Link out and join him! Ah, portable gaming… sorta.


I guess this was Nintendo’s attmept at giving the Game Boy a jingle?

5 – Dr. Mario Witchdoctor

I wonder if we knew how strange these commecials were in the 90s, or if it was only through twenty years of reflection that we’re able to step back, open our minds, and truly analyze how batshit Nintendo’s advertising was.

4 – Claymation Kirby

Kirby was pretty successful.. Nintendo could have invested in a more Kirby-like claymation. Ah well, at least it was nothing like Sonic Spinball.

3 – Nintendo Game Boy: For Us, Not Them

Is this commercial challening those old Bubbletape commercials?

2 – Nintendo, Word.

I’d like to make a snarky remark about this commercial, but the truth is that everyone was playing Game Boy on the old school grounds back in the day. Alright, I guess I can snark a little about how there’s no females in this commercial, but you’re not looking for that kind of social commentary on a website with a bootleg Slimer in their logo, so I’ll just leave it.

1 – Brian Austin Green Plays Qixx in 1990

Former 90210 star Brian Austin Green delights his pal by dressing up as Captain N and playing Qixx. If you had to advertise and market the year 1990, this would be the commercial you would use.

What are some of your favorite Game Boy memories? Leave us a comment below!

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