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9 Barbie Commercial Jingles That Will Get Stuck in Your Head

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Commercial jingles get stuck in our heads—this isn’t new information, but sometimes we manage to get those jingles out of our heads and get some work done. Well, Pop Rewind is here to put an end to that. Here are nine Barbie commercials with jingles you’ll be humming for the rest of the day.

9 – Cut and Style Barbie

Over and over…

Didn’t we all have a Cut and Style Barbie? Well, without the extensions.

8 – Barbie & The Rockers

Hmm… Jem’s looking a little bootleg these days.

Ken’s solo is pretty sweet, thanks for such a great contribution to the music, man! How’d he even get into the band anyway? It’s like he’s sleeping with the lead singer—ooooh.

7 – Totally Hair Barbie

Thirty Helens agree: this is totally wow.

As someone with waist-length hair, having hair to the floor would be insane. I can’t imagine how many vacuum cleaners she’s set on fire.

6 – Rappin’ Rockin’ Barbie

Straight off the streets, yo.

Barbie busts stereotypes all over the place—women can be doctors (who wear pink uniforms), astronauts (who wear pink uniforms), and now white ladies who live in mansions and drive Corvettes can rap about their thug lives!

5 – Dance Club Barbie

Seems like Barbie’s limbs aren’t advanced enough for such sweet moves.

This is legit how I dance in da club. Thanks, Barbie.

4 – Barbie Hawaiian Ice Party

Crushed ice and Kool-Aid? OUTRAGEOUS!

The collective giggling and the blonde girl’s eyes… those kids are up to something.

3 – Funtime Barbie

No Pun Intended Barbie.

A real watch and a real Blondie sound-alike jingle? What more could a little girl ask for.

2 – Pet Pals Skipper & Courtney

Wow, an outfit with their pet’s picture on the front! And I thought I was a crazy cat lady…

I’m glad the singer of this jingle explains every detail, or else I might not have caught on to what was happening in this commercial.

1 – Barbie Fold and Fun House

She probably should have hired a building inspector—I broke my coffee table putting it together.

Wait, was there no bathroom in that thing? So Barbie takes a shit in the bushes that’s next to the patio outside the living room that’s next to the bedroom in the Barbie Fold and Fun House… I BUILT.


So which jingle is stuck in your head? The Barbie Fold and Fun House won’t leave mine…

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  • I’m partial to Barbie & the Rockers. I remember those commercials vividly during my beloved She-Ra back in the day. Even though Barbie & the Rockers wouldn’t even be able to open for Jem and the Holograms or the Misfits…and I’m a Mattel guy. 😉

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