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9 Memorable Jingles

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Obviously commercials are produced to make consumers want to buy products—and what better way to achieve this than with a catchy little ditty. Here are a few product jingles that still get stuck in my head on a regular basis, even though it’s been 20 years since most of these commercials have been in rotation.

9 – Amazin’ Fruit

The fact that these gummi bears were “alive” made eating them all the more satisfying.
Although I’m not a fan of gummy candies and am sure I never ate Amazin’ Fruit, that doesn’t stop me from having that jingle stuck in my head at least once a week. Unfortunately, Amazin’ Fruit have gone to the fruit snack graveyard that houses Soda-Licious and other delectable treats. Seems like the only thing still left on grocery store shelves are Gushers. Much like cockroaches, Gushers will survive the apocalypse.

8 – TasteTations

Kind of like the hard candies at the bottom of your grandma’s purse.
Why is there both Butterscotch and Caramel flavors? Aren’t those the same thing? In any case, the chocolate ones were pretty good. While these hard candies (Hershey’s first, if this commercial is to be believed) are long gone, their jingle still lives on in the heads of many consumers.

7 – My Buddy/Kid Sister

Appealing to both boys and girls. Double commercial. Bam.
What’s creepier—these chubby dolls or the super freakish Cabbage Patch Kids? I can’t decide. While both were big doll fads in the mid 1980s, My Buddy/Kid Sister definitely won in the jingle department.

6 – Operation

Did you catch Joey Lawrence’s little brother Matthew in that commercial?
Many versions of Operation now exist (Simpsons, Shrek, Spiderman, even Doctor Who), but the preferred version of choice will always be the original. But perhaps that speaks more to my allegiance to the great and powerful Lawrence family.

5 – Hungry Hungry Hippos

My favorite games are always the ones with small choking hazards.
There’s a variety of Hungry Hungry Hippos commercials out there, but this conga-line-inspired commercial is definitely the catchiest of them all. If you still have this game from your childhood, chances are all the white marbles are missing. Good news—you can still pick this game up at your local Toys R Us or department store.

4 – Mentos

I’m a very important businessman who is late for a very important business meeting.
Let’s be honest with each other here for a moment. No one likes Mentos. No one. If you want to freshen your breath, you’re going to pop a piece of whatever gum you bought at the grocery store checkout. Distaste of Mentos aside, we can all sing this song. I’m so glad we decided to be honest with each other today.

3 – Zest

I guess I’m not fully clean.
The idea is that other soaps leave the shower-er coated in a gross film, while Zest rinses off clean. Everything changed for Zest in 2007 when Procter & Gamble discontinued the original soap and came up with a smaller non-marbled version. A few years later in 2011, P&G sold Zest to High Ridge Brands Co.

2 – Chicken Delight

I’ve never seen people so excited about eating chicken for dinner.
Chicken Tonight is simply a jar of sauce that you dump over some chicken. It’s no longer available in North America, but I’m sure you can just put any old sauce over your cooking chicken and call it a day. The only downside is that it won’t make you flap your arms.

1 – Crossfire

The official game of our dystopian future.
Probably the most bad-ass board game of the 70s-90s. You don’t see many board games in which the objective is to shoot tiny metal pellets at the other player. Crossfire really beats the pants off of Electronic Dream Phone.

Did we miss your favorite commercial jingle? Let us know and leave a comment!


  • UGH! Tastetations! I wish I could’ve kept that chalky chocolate taste out of my memory, but there it is! IT NEVER LEFT!!!

    As strange as My Buddy was, I could never hate the guy. He just seemed so nice and innocent. I wanted to hate him, especially after seeing Child’s Play, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.



    • Linz Rewind

      I don’t know why I liked Tastetations so much– seems like most people I talk to hated them! I guess that’s why they’re gone!

      • I spied something very similar by Hershey’s on the shelves the other day.. May be Tastetations by another name. Might wanna check into it if you’re fiending enough.

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