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9 Strange Sailor Moon Bootlegs from my Collection

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I recently got obsessed with this Bootlegged Sailor Moon Merch Tumblr, which got me thinking about my own Sailor Moon bootlegs. I’ve written about a couple Sailor Moon bootlegs on the site before, but that Tumblr inspired me to go a little more in-depth into my collection.

9 – VHS


In the days before home video releases, DVD sets, or even torrents, anime fans were relegated to that one weird stand in the mall that sold all sorts of bootleg crap. The VHS tapes were $30 each, pretty steep, but it’s not like we had any options in the mid-to-late 90s. All the bootlegs from this place looked the same: poor resolution print-outs trapped inside the clear plastic layer of bulky white VHS cases. When I started University in 2002, the bootleg kiosk from the mall had a store just down the street from campus, but by that time Sailor Moon was on the way out. Probably for the best, since I wouldn’t have been able to afford finishing my degree. Not that a Creative Writing degree gets you anywhere. Learn math, kids.

8 – Pencil Case


This is a metal pencil case that I bought off of eBay in 2000. I used it in high school art class, until it fell from the top shelf of my locker launching all of my fancy pencils and markers everywhere. A guy wearing lots of chains and black eyeliner stopped to help me pick up everything. Thank you, misunderstood youth, whoever you were! You made sure my day didn’t go to shit. To err on the safe side, I started stuffing my art pencils into my regular (cloth) pencil case after that.


But after I graduated and didn’t have to lug art supplies to school, I started using it again. Not even that time table could help me with math.

7 – Address Book


I don’t necessarily collect Sailor Moon merchandise any more, but I saw this in a baggie at Value Village a couple months ago and couldn’t pass it up. I thought it may have been a sticker album, but no such luck. It’s clearly a bootleg address book. How do I know it’s bootleg? “Moon Fight. Sailormoon, the leader of the Sailorsoldiers is protected by the Moon.” That’s how. I’m a little sad this didn’t come defaced. There are no entries in it at all.


It’s a good idea to keep tabs on your friends’ blood types in case you ever need to help yourself to their kidneys.

6 – Party Napkins


These are probably legitimate North American Sailor Moon party napkins, but I had to include them because just look at them. A quick Google search brings up similar napkins, but with the hair colored yellow. How do you miss coloring in all of that hair and the logo and end up selling it in actual stores? I also have party plates from the same company (TILCO/PARTY*TIME INC.) with no color issues. She looks more like Pretty Soldier Grandma Moon.

5 – Fashion Show Sticker


These likely came from the same bootleg kiosk I purchased most of my bootleg anime merchandise from. Allegedly, these are like paper dolls but in sticker form. I have two sets of these with Sailors Mercury and Mars and Sailors Jupiter and Venus. If there is a Sailor Moon one, it is sadly absent from my collection.

4 – Stick-On Earrings and Rings


As someone who does not have their ears pierced, stick-on earrings were a childhood staple. But not so much of a staple that I’d use any Sailor Moon ones and risk losing them. Interestingly, I also have a set of non-bootleg Sailor Moon stick-on earrings (pictured on the right). They do not use the same artwork, but are of similarly terrible quality.

3 – Beauty Soldier Shirley Moore


I’ve written about this one before— I bought this for $1 at A Buck or Two, back when that was a thing in Canada. This bootleg Chibi Moon looks like her arms are about ready to pop off her body.

2 – Petit Soldier Sailormoon


And speaking of arms popping off… I’ve also written about the bootleg Sailors Neptune and Uranus set I bought at a flea market in Blenheim, ON without realizing bootleg Sailor Moon figures were a thing. Uranus’ left arm always popped off, no matter how many times I fixed it. I saw on the Sailor Moon bootleg Tumblr that someone else had the exact same problem and suddenly I feel less alone in the world.

1 – Various Homemade Pins and Hair Clips


When one didn’t have much cash, one could always, at least, stock up on bootleg stickers at the weird anime kiosk in the mall. Too old for sticker albums, yet not too old to hoard stickers? Turn them into fine hair pieces and pins! Don’t forget to paint the clips with purple nail polish first. Also, still have POG (oh, sorry, MILKCAP) Maker pieces? You best use those stickers and newspaper cutouts to up your game.

Honorable Mention: Sailor Moon Moon Beamer


I’m relatively certain I picked this up at Zellers on clearance back in the day. Despite it looking like a cheap cake decoration, it’s actually a flashlight of sorts. It has the official Sailor Moon Fan Club number on it, so it’s legit… Legit bad.

Do you have any bootleg Sailor Moon merchandise? What’s the most ridiculous piece you’ve seen?

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