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90s Moments You Forgot: Do The Bartman!

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All these years later, with even the hardcore fans feeling like the show has way beyond run its course, it’s hard to imagine the original hype surrounding The Simpsons. You would have thought the Sprinfield family was leading the second British Invasion. Simpsons merchandise was everywhere, video games were being cranked out, and they even had a record. Wait, a record?

Yep, it happened. And you heard it at the time, you’ve just completely forgotten about it. From the full-length album Simpsons Sing The Blues, here is “Do the Bartman”:


“Do The Bartman” is a surprisingly catchy tune for a one-off novelty record.  Listen closely to those backing vocals.  Holy smokes, that’s Michael Jackson!  Seriously.  It was rumored but unconfirmed at the time, due to a contract clause from another record deal.  Matt Groening confirmed the rumors after Jackson passed away.  A few years later, the rights for the song were being sold and sole-credited Bryan Loren downplayed Michael Jackson’s contributions.  Who knows what the real story is here.  This is more confusing than trying to figure out if Michael Jackson really wrote the music to Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Anyways, that tune sounds so familiar… Wait, is it exactly the same as the Fresh Prince theme?

Not 90s enough? No problem, there was a follow-up hit… released on cassingle! Yes, I found my copy at a K-Mart on release day. Here is “Deep Deep Trouble”, which I personally prefer to the previous track.

The first time I ever swore was because of this song. My mom demanded to know where I heard the word “damned”. Damn… I still quote the “D’oh! Now you can’t go to the boat show” line every time I miss out on something.

For what it’s worth, the rest of the songs on Simpsons Sing the Blues are full of nostalgic fun early 90s drum machine beats. There’s a pretty groovy hit with Mr. Burns on lead vocals that reveals Smithers knows how to get his funk on.

Rick Sanchez even put his own spin on a Bartman-inspired dance during an episode of Rick and Morty.

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