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90s Moments You Forgot: Haddaway – What Is Love

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While many of us were too young to go to a club in 1996, we got our first taste of what the scene was like when The Roxbury Guys took the stage on Saturday Night Live on March 23, 1996.

Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell portrayed brothers Doug and Steve Butabi, snazzed up in colorful suits as they prowled the club for unwitting ladies. And most importantly– they did this all to the prominent soundtrack of Haddaway’s “What Is Love”, a song released three years previously.


Even if you were around for the original 1993 run of “What Is Love”, the first thought to hit your brain when you hear it today is of the Roxbury Guys. After that? Your head will immediately start bobbing along in that spastic way that only Kattan and Ferrell (okay, Jim Carrey and a few other hosts that stepped up as a “Barhop” in these sketches) can manage.

A movie based on the exploits of these brothers, A Night at the Roxbury, premiered in October 1998, giving Haddaway’s song a much more prolonged life than it ever would have without SNL.

Where are they now? Haddaway is still around and has spent the rest of his career trying to come up with another song that Saturday Night Live could use in a skit, but has yet to do so. Ferrell hangs out and is in a ton of films. Kattan is probably messily eating apples somewhere, we’re not really sure.

What is your favorite Roxbury moment? Did you ever try any of their sweet moves (and end up pepper sprayed)? Leave us a comment below!

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