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Atari Interactive announces new HD version of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial video game

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Following news from PAX East that Capcom is remaking the DuckTales NES video game, Atari Interactive today has announced in an exclusive to Pop Rewind that they will be resurrecting the infamous E.T. game.

The game will be available for holiday season 2013, which means programmers and designers are working around the clock to get the game completed in time.

This re-imagining of E.T. stays fairly true to the spirit of the original hit game, but does utilize modern technology to vastly improve certain areas. For instance, instead of being green, Atari designers have color corrected E.T. to brown.



One of the most talked-about features of the original E.T. game are the many pits E.T. must journey down in order to collect pieces of his phone. Well, good news gamers: the pits are now even pittier!


Also new and improved in E.T. Remastered: E.T. now speaks! Atari is remaining mum on any voices at the moment, but we’re told that the quality is on par, if not slightly better, than the Atari 5200 Real Sports Baseball.


Just like DuckTales game fans are concerned with the Moon theme song, regarded as one of the top video game tunes of all time, being changed, so too are E.T. fans of the classic rendition of the E.T. theme found in the original Atari 2600 cart. Fear not, it has been confirmed by Atari that the original theme will remain intact for the game.

Fans of the game aren’t the only ones excited by the news—E.T. movie director Steven Spielberg is feeling jazzed as well. Spielberg was recently treated to a sneak peek of the game and was amazed by what he saw.

“I was amazed at how difficult it was, but at the same time how much fun it was to play.” – Steven Spielberg on the new E.T. video game.

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