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(Back to) The Future Is Now Week

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The future is now. Can you believe it? We’ve been looking forward to October 2015 since September 1989! Just think, by the end of this week we will have hoverboards, flying cars, pizza enhancers, and fax machines… EVERYWHERE!

So, why not celebrate the future with another Back to the Future week at Pop Rewind? We took you to the past about the future in the present back in January. Now, we’re going to the future in the present about movies from the past…? Eh… something like that.

Here’s what we’ve covered on Pop Rewind for Back to the Future Day Week so far:


Lee made a Super Mario Maker level inspired by Back to the Future.


Linz gave us a tutorial on how to make Hydrated Pizza and Hoverboard Sugar Cookies.


Lee uncovered this found footage Back to the Future IV trailer.


We put out a bonus episode of the Pop Rewind Podcast, Back to the Future themed of course.


And lastly, we examined 7 More Things Back to the Future Got Right About 2015.

Here’s what we’ve covered on the site related to Back to the Future before. I’m starting to think Lee may not have a variety of interests.

Previously, on PopRewind.com:


Back to the Future The Game – Now With Tom Wilson

Lee broke some news on Pop Rewind that Tom Wilson (Biff Tannen of the films) would be involved with the new BTTF video games!


Jumpin’ Jigowatts: The Burger Situation

Lee had some kind of beef with… beef?


8 Things Back to the Future Kinda Got Right About 2015

There were tons of lists featuring what BTTF got right or wrong, but we’re proud to say we’re the only site who tackled the kinda. Eat that, Buzzfeed.

Pop Rewind Podcast: Back to the Future Almanac Authors

That’s right, the written word on this site was not nearly enough to contain Lee’s love of BTTF. We sat down with Rob Klein and Jennifer Smith, authors of Back to the Future Almanac 1985-2015, for a very special extended version of the podcast.


Book Learnin’: Back to the Future Almanac Official BTTF Memorabilia Guide 1985-2015 by Rob Klein and Jennifer Smith

But Linz did try her darnedest and wrote a book report on that awesome Almanac!


Remembering Back to the Future: The Ride

Lee would be remiss if he didn’t mention Back to the Future: The Ride… every chance he got.

7 Inventions We Need Before the Hoverboard

Everyone wants the hoverboard, but what of the other conveniences the future has to offer?

6 Baffling Back to the Future Games

If you grew up as a Back to the Future fan, you played and never beat these video games.

Interview with Marty McFly

A few years back, PopRewind.com caught up with Marty McFly for an exclusive interview – conducted April 1, 2012 to be exact.

Back to the Questionable Integrity Part I

Years before there was an official Back to the Future DVD set, there was a series of strange video discs making the rounds.

Back to the Questionable Integrity Part II

Here’s a look at the second disc in the series.

Back to the Questionable Integrity Part III

Appropriately enough, the DVD series wrapped with a review of the third movie.

Stay tuned for more Back to the Future this week at PopRewind.com!

Check back daily this week as we add new and exciting Back to the Future content! We may not post Wednesday because we’re riding hoverboards. If they they don’t come out, well, guess we’ll post something.


bttfmariomakertitle_001We took you Back to the Future in this custom made Super Mario Maker level!

bttf-snacks-featureWe brought some great BTTF recipes your way!

BTTF4thumbnailWe unearthed this old Back to the Future Part IV trailer!

pop-rewind-podcast-bttf-2015We covered Back to the Future Day on the latest Pop Rewind Podcast!

See you in the future! (You mean the past?)

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