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Back to the Future The Game – Now With Tom Wilson?

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In 2010-2011, Telltale Games released the greatest Back to the Future video game ever as a five-part series.  The story line takes place a few months after Marty’s return from the old west and sees him traveling back in time to help Doc (and young Doc) out of a sticky situation.  Christopher Lloyd came on board to voice his iconic character, Michael J. Fox made a cameo in two episodes of the game, Claudia Wells returned as Jennifer Parker, and Bob Gale helped with the story line.  The other voice acting, particularly A.J. Locascio with a near-perfect Marty impression, was superb despite no other original cast members joining.

If you missed the game the first time around, it’s getting an updated re-release in October 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 as the “30th Anniversary Edition”.  This fantastic game is definitely one to check out.

As an added surprise, according to release details, it appears that Tom Wilson (Biff Tannen of the films) is now involved with the game.  Great Scott!  Details are still emerging about his involvement in the new release, but that is potentially great news for Back to the Future fans considering the game has such a Tannen-heavy storyline.

There are a few ways to celebrate back to the future this fall!  Back to the Future: The Game – 30ths Anniversary Edition is currently scheduled for a 10/13/2015 release, just in time to celebrate the iconic future date of 10/21/2015.  The Back to the Future movie trilogy is slated for a theatrical re-release, along with a new DVD/Blu Ray set.  Back to the Future: The Animated Series is seeing its first DVD release.  Back in Time, a new documentary about the franchise, will be on VOD and select theaters.  A new Back to the Future comic book series is being published by IDW.  A visual history book is coming.  There are Back to the Future Lego Dimensions happening. And you probably don’t want to miss the Back to the Future Live in Concert series traveling the world this year.  Wow, this is good stuff!

Oh, and don’t forget that Back to the Future: The Ride is still up and running at Universal Studios Japan.

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