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Back to the Questionable Integrity Part I

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Shopping for DVDs in other parts of the world is, well… different.  You’re escorted to a tiny stool and the shop owner disappears for two minutes.  When he comes back, he has a pile of movies in a bucket for you to dig through.  You sift through hundreds of plastic baggies filled with loose discs, not really impressed with anything you’ve seen.  Your gracious host won’t let you leave until you’ve found your favorite movie.  He insists you go through twenty more buckets of movies.  “Double Dragon?  Nope.  Ruthless People?  Pass!  Oh, what’s this?”



Score!  The year is 2000 and you just found a movie that’s not even out yet on DVD in North America.  You quickly collect your item, push aside other movie buckets, and hand the shop keeper your wad of foreign currency.

Racing home, you can’t wait to see your favorite movie in higher definition than ever.  Could it by chance be a widescreen edition?  The possibilities seem endless.  That is, until you yank the scratched disc out of the bag and pop it in your Dell laptop (because you can’t afford a real DVD player, yet).

“It doesn’t play.  No!  It doesn’t play!”  Suddenly, your good fortune crumbles to the floor before you.  Everything is starting to add up to suspicion.  You grab the DVD cover out of the baggie and examine the back closely.



You’ve been swindled into buying nothing but a scratched blank disc and a totally bogus DVD cover.  Examining the fine print, you realize you must wait another few years to see this film on DVD.



It’s as if they could recognize certain text as the English language and assumed it would all make sense jumbled together.  Wait, is this movie rated PG for mild language or R?  Guess you will just have to find out more at the Star Wars website.

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