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Back to the Questionable Integrity Part II

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If you saw our first part in this series, you are familiar with how strange it is to find an item such as this.  Our posting of the first Back to the Future DVD was such a hit, we thought we would share the sequels.

Trust me, there is nothing signature about this selection.  See the “widescreen” note on the front cover of the box?  That’s actually referencing another movie, apparently, because this DVD is full screen all the way!

At least the back cover isn’t filled with as many typos as the first movie.  A few fun ones include “preblems”, “coptioned”, and “astoni shment”.


The color palette of the artwork has not been altered, they actually ran out of ink printing the disc.

Leave it to Bruce Willis to give credit where credit is due.  The fine print on the backside of the DVD insert reveal that this is not actually Back to the Future Part II, but rather Disney’s The Kid.  Either way, there was some astonishing “photoraphy” in this film.

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