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Bart Simpson’s Cupcake Crisis

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What can be said about The Simpsons’ Bart’s Cupcake Crisis handheld LCD game that this melodic version of the theme song can’t convey?

Sometimes you’d go to the store with your parents, and you’d be very, very good. Like super good. So good, that you deserved a treat merely for not having a meltdown in the power tool aisle.

Enter LCD games.

When you think of LCD games, you probably imagine those bleepy Tiger handhelds. Sometimes you lucked out. Sometimes you got something from a franchise you were barely allowed to watch at home.

This came from one of those times where I was really, really good at a store, but my parents were not shelling out the kind of cash that a Game Boy game or Atari 7800 cart would set them back. And they sure as hell weren’t buying me an NES. Even if you squish all the times I was “good” into one bundle, it still wouldn’t warrant an NES. I guess that’s why I finally bought my own in 2001.


My parents purchased Bart Simpson’s Cupcake Crisis for me, even though they weren’t keen on me watching The Simpsons. I guess this cupcake game is innocent enough.

In this Acclaim gem from 1990, you controlled Bart as he catches cupcakes (thrown by Maggie) onto a plate, which you then delivered all sly-like to Marge. You even got bonus points if you managed to sit on the couch before everyone else.

Acclaim released another LCD game– Bartman: Avenger of Evil, which looked a lot better than just catching cupcakes. Alas, I never behaved good enough again to find out for myself.

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