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Best of PopRewind (Fall 2014 Edition)

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According to my Rolodex calendar, it’s that time of the year again in which we cover the best of PopRewind.  Whether you’re new to the site or just looking to catch up on your favorites, here are our most popular articles and a few of our personal favorites.  Put on your nostalgia goggles and read on!

7 Retired Kool-Aid Flavors


This one is hands down the article that receives the most hits on this site.  The good news is that most of these retired flavors came back this summer.  The bad news is we haven’t seen them around for several months.  D’oh!

7 Toys We Actually Owned


We paid tribute to some toys from the 1990s we either all owned or wanted to own.  Gak, Talk Boy, and more!

Sonic X-Treme: The Lost World? An Interview With Chris Senn


The most legendary Sonic game is one that never received a release, originally designed for the Sega Saturn.  Linz tracked down the original developer to answer some of those long-burning questions about the game that never was.

7 Inventions We Need Before The Hoverboard


We talk about Back to the Future a lot on this site.  It’s only the best movie trilogy ever, right?  The hoverboard always gets the most attention from the second film, but there were a few other ideas in there that we would like to see just as much.

8 NES Covers To Inspire A Romance Novel


We took a look at some pretty ambitious video game box art that felt like it was more appropriate on the cover of dollar store romance novels.  Watch out for a Mel Gibson look alike and a real Fabio.

7.5 Must-See Episodes of the Adventures of Pete and Pete


Remember this classic Nickelodeon show?  If you haven’t checked it out since Super Nintendo was current, you might want to give it another watch.  The charm of Pete and Pete has held up over the years.

Scott Thompson Talks Graphic Novels, Stand-up, and Early Internet Adopters


Linz interviewed the legendary comic genius to catch up on some of his latest projects.  Need we say more?

Nintendo Power: Then, Now, and Gone


Hard to believe it’s already been two years since Nintendo Power announced it was ending the magazine’s run.  In tribute to the long running video game literature, we took a look back at the early days of the publication.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Nanny


Brace yourself for some trivia you never knew you wanted to know about The Nanny.  What was the real story behind the dog?  Check it out!

7 More Catchy Board Game Jingles


They’re all here: Cross Fire, Shark Attack, Operation, and more!  Be sure to catch part one of this article for even more jingles that will be stuck in your head all afternoon, such as Splat and Pizza Party.


Enjoy this fall 2014 edition of the best of the site.

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