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Besta Polka: A Compilation That’s Not Lying

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Remember when all those “Now! That’s What I Call Music” CDs started taking off the in 90s?  Personally, I never had much interest in the latest Spice Girls hits so I’ve never owned one of those collections.  In fact, there was only one 90s compilation I really desired: Besta Polka.


Looking back, it’s easy to see why I was the resident geek in my school.  Who cares!  Besta Polka was a straight-to-bargain-bin CD sold exclusively at Sam Goody music stores.  I read about it on some Weird Al site because there was a new recording of his only available on this set.  That’s right, the parody king teamed up with polka king Frankie Yankovic to sing about a sausage!  To this day, it’s still one of the most obscure Weird Al tracks out there, despite having an official release.

Unfortunately, the mall near me didn’t have one of those stores.  So, I assumed I would miss out.  A few years later, I was on a summer trip visiting family when we stopped at a mall that had a Sam Goody.  Holy moly!  I searched that store everywhere for this CD.  No luck.  Then I saw one wire framed bin toward the back corner.  Yes!  It was a bin filled with 50 copies of Besta Polka.  It was as if my hand turned into one of those crane games, reaching in to pick my hard earned prize.  My cousin was really baffled as to why I was so excited about a polka CD.  Honestly, I didn’t think it would be worth it beyond the new Weird Al song.  Oh, how wrong I was…

Besta Polka still makes its way immediately to every new phone or mp3 player that I buy.  There are only eight tracks, but it’s eight tracks of solid gold!  A few of them are on YouTube, but the rest are pretty obscure.

1 – Bohemian Polka (Queen cover) by Weird Al Yankovic

2 – Alice (Polka Version) by Jimmy Sturr

3 – In Heaven There Is No Beer – Frankie Yankovic

4 – Who Stole the Kishka – Frankie Yankovic and Weird Al Yankovic

5 – Flying Saucer – Brace Combo

6 – Too Fat Polka – Frankie Yankovic & Drew Carey

7 – Hooked on Bavaria – Joey Miskulin

8 – Just Because Polka – Frank Yankovic


Somewhere I have a CD set titled “Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music”.  This might as well be the polka equivalent.  If you never thought polka music could be a fun listen at a party, you need to find this CD.  It feels more like funny mariachi pop songs than what you think of old world grandpa music.  The tunes are catchy, hilarious, and a blast to sing along with!

So, track Besta Polka down and make magical memories at your next D&D session!

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