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Beyond Sonic 3: Did Michael Jackson Write the Music for ANOTHER Sega Genesis Video Game?

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We’ve all heard the Michael Jackson Sonic 3 rumors— specifically that Jackson wrote the music for the Sega Genesis video game.

While people have come out to verify this information (namely Brad Buxer, who worked on the Sonic 3 music, and said in a 2009 interview that Jackson was involved but didn’t want credit as he was not happy with the Genesis’ sound), there is another video game soundtrack that Michael Jackson worked on that’s rarely talked about.

Playing through Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, also on the Sega Genesis, we noticed some striking similarities between the video game’s music and Michael Jackson’s hit songs.

We’ve put together this comparison video* so you can hear what we’ve uncovered:

What do you think? Did Michael Jackson write the music for the Moonwalker video game? Let us know!

*April fools, so relax guys;)

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