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Dymo Home Labelmaker

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When I was a wee youngin’, my dad had a label gun (and still has it as far as I know). It was orange and majestic. It was used to label VHS tapes of nefarious origins. It vaguely looked like the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek. It was perfect.


For years I bugged my dad about playing with it. In an attempt to get me to leave his label maker alone, he said he would get me one for my twelfth birthday. He told me this when I was, I don’t know… four?


For the next eight years, I pined after that label maker as the reality of getting a label maker of my very own drew closer and closer each passing birthday.

A few weeks before my twelfth birthday, I was asked what I wanted. “I’m turning 12. I get that label maker.”

How? Why? I don’t know. But my dad was true to his word. He got me my very own label maker.


Not as orange or as majestic as the original, but it came with three colors of tape, which I quickly used up and labeled EVERYTHING. My bedroom door had a label on it until I finally moved out that proclaimed “YES! WE HAVE NO BANANAS”. No one ever bought me any tape refills.


Did I squander my birthday gift that year? Maybe. Maybe not. But probably.

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