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E.T. Cookies that Poop Reese’s Pieces

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We’ve made E.T. cookies before here in the Pop Rewind Kitchen, but with Halloween just around the corner (that’s right– E.T. is technically a Halloween movie, so this post is hella festive) we need to up our game.


E.T. Cookies That Poop Reese’s Pieces


-Your favorite sugar cookie dough dyed green for E.T. for Atari or brown for regular E.T.
-E.T. Cookie Cutter (check Etsy for sellers that sell 3D printed cookie cutters)
-Wilton’s Decorating icing
-Mini Reese’s Pieces (found in the baking aisle)

Start by doing your standard cookie thing and roll that dough out. Cut it into E.T. for Atari shaped pieces and put those little guys onto a cookie sheet.

Now, in this photo, you’ll see that I scored out a little section for Mini Reese’s Pieces to hide. I found thorugh some trial and error that it’s best to cut the piece out completely before baking.

Bake those mofos! You’ll want two regular E.T. cookies for each E.T. stomach cut-out.

Once the cookies have cooled completely, carefully (these cookies have very thin parts and are brittle) add icing to the back of the stomach cut-out E.T. piece and glue him onto a full E.T. cookie. Add some Mini Reese’s Pieces (don’t overfill, keep it flush with the tops of the cookie). Add icing to the top of the stomach cut-out E.T., and cover with a regular E.T. cookie.

Let sit for a couple hours for the icing to harden, then watch E.T. poop!

E.T. cookies that poop Reese's Pieces 👌 #etforatari #et #cookies #food #atari #reesespieces

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