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E.T. The Video Game: The Sign

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Atari would later regret that exclusive deal.

Here it is, the centerpiece of my video game collection: an Atari 2600 E.T. cardboard cutout. This four foot tall beast was displayed in department stores, presumably only for five minutes, in 1982. Considering how significantly the game failed, most of these signs were probably discarded. In an online search, we couldn’t find another in existence. Could this be the only surviving E.T. sign?

E.T. and Elliott await judgement for their crimes against the video game industry.

If you know your video game trivia, you understand how historically significant a piece like this is. E.T. is notorious for being the game that almost killed the home gaming industry. To call it the “Plan 9 from Outer Space of video games” would be an understatement. Our staff at PopRewind.com has tried on numerous occasions to beat this game. Unfortunately, the controls are so atrocious that it’s nearly impossible.

This was seriously the promotional image they chose.  Remember that Rome scene?

So, how did I end up with this one? Let’s just say, you should always check out record shops for going location closing sales. This puppy was ten bucks well spent.

I’ll leave you with these final words from Steven Spielberg, spoken in anticipation to see the finished game take shape after playing a rough draft:

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